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 Alpha// The Unknown [ACCEPTED]

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PostSubject: Alpha// The Unknown [ACCEPTED]   Alpha// The Unknown [ACCEPTED] I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 28, 2013 9:11 am

Imported previous profile. Some abilities may change.


Alpha// The Unknown [ACCEPTED] BIOBas2


'Timeless' | Appearance Late 20's

Genderless | Current Appearance: Female

Mognet Couier

Red Mage

Species Skill
Demonic Blood

Beyond the grasp of time

||Current Lifepath: Organisation- Stage 1
 Current LPWC:0000

Unknown | Subjected to change with encounters

Home Continent:
Reborn in Mist Continent (Evil Forest)

Upon Rebirth:
A blank slate with the remnants of the chalk wiped away. Fine granules that roll and twist but none strongly impress upon the surface. The face of this unknown if often blank, however would crack in the presence of pain and distress. For what does a mind know about what it once was not able to feel? Emotions come in waves, erratic yet strong. The ebb and flow compose no order, but the foretelling of chaos swelling in the distance. There is no moon to orchestrate these tides, only the will of the waters themselves; unbridled and wild. Yet even the churning waters have a conduct they must follow, and instinctual drive either to collect or settle. Such is the case with this faceless soul.

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 245 lb
Bust: 34"D | Waist: 28" | Hip: 38"
Eye Color (current): Red-orange/ Amber
Alpha// The Unknown [ACCEPTED] NzWaoW7

2x Bandage wraps
+1 Potion
+2 Hi-Potions
+1 Red Sorceress Magicite KEY ITEM
+1 Raw Materia

'Red' Wood Staff [Level 4]: A simple staff made of redwood [+300 Strength, +75 Magic, +150 Speed, +150 MP]

Alpha// The Unknown [ACCEPTED] BIOstat

Lv. 7
HP 800
MP:900 [+150]

Strength: 550 [+300]
Defense: 250
Magic: 600 [+75]
Magic Defense: 325
Speed: 625 [+150]

Alpha// The Unknown [ACCEPTED] BIOABIL
Combat Abilities:

Level 1 Slots:
Vector Transfer: "Special Delivery"

  • Description: By using Alpha's dimensional spheres, matter and magic may pass through from one sphere to another. When compressed while in 'transit', matter/energy is given an amplified effect. Active for 3 turns during battle when released.
  • Damage: +10% Magic/ Physical Damage
  • Additional Effects: (Instant delivery)
    MP Cost: 75

Vector Wraith

  • Description: A precision strike executed by the gathered force of the user's supernatural ability.
  • Damage: +150
  • Additional Effects:N/A
    MP Cost: 25

Vector Wraith [Enhanced]

  • Description: A precision strike executed by the gathered force of the user's supernatural ability. When inlaid with magic, the user is engulfed by the desired element to enhance the damage of the 'wraith'.
  • Damage: +150
  • Additional Effects: Damage becomes elemental
    MP Cost: 35

Level 2 Slots:
Vector Concussion

  • Description: With the use of demonic energy, the user is able to project a concussive resonance wave toward the opponent, uprooting the earth/ground along the way.
  • Damage: +300
  • Additional Effects: Deals an additional +25 direct earth damage.
    MP Cost: 60

Vector Desolation

  • Description: A convergence of multiple vector projections constructed from condensed demonic energy.
  • Damage: +500
  • Additional Effects: none
    MP Cost: 120

Level 3 Slots:
Insert Tech Name here

  • Description: Technique description
  • Damage: Insert a suggested figure, ensure it retains to the limitations of the level. Admin will present a finalised damage value dependant on your characters stats and level of training with weapon.
  • Additional Effects: Does it add any status ailments/ buffs? ( note this may effect damage and MP costs)
    MP Cost: Leave Blank

Limit Gauge: 40%
Limits:[See Creating Limits]


Level 1 Slots


Level 2 Slots

Level 3 slots

Summonings are powerful magical spirits that will aid your character in combat. You can't start with any. So leave this blank for now.

3631/4500 remaining

Alpha// The Unknown [ACCEPTED] BIOhis
Before the mind could perceive existence, there was nothing to behold save for the darkness of oblivion. Yet in the depths of the void, there was a light, and the warmth of a hand to guide towards the beckoning light. Then came a voice, soft yet ancient; a wise, kind voice that spoke of a purpose but in muted tones. And though the ears could not hear, the mind understood and locked away the purpose within the recesses of a darkened mind until it was ready to understand. And when the eyes opened to the warmth of the light, it looked into the depths of not another face, but within themselves.

A mirrored image that showed with such brilliance that it was frightening to behold, as it should have been. A kind darkness, as if looking into the face of a merciful death. Smiling, luminous, and gracious, whispering yet another word to accompany the other. A promise to remain even when the night of the world encompassed the light of day, the light of hope. It was a promise that filled the aimless soul with hope until their eyes closed again, and all was forgotten with the plummet to the earth.

Upon waking, the mind knew nothing of itself...

RP sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Alpha// The Unknown [ACCEPTED]   Alpha// The Unknown [ACCEPTED] I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 29, 2013 11:25 am

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Alpha// The Unknown [ACCEPTED]
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