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 FoRT: Magicite

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PostSubject: FoRT: Magicite   FoRT: Magicite I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 20, 2013 11:04 pm

Dawn had long since faded from the tops of the lushest trees in the late evening. But, no natural light could reach the confines of the room buried deep underground with maximum standard thickness concrete reinforced walls, the thickest industrial tiling with non-reaction grout, and the pristine glassware and equiptment that hummed, buzzed, and glimmered its own palor lights of emerald, cyan, or crimson. It was in the dimmest of lights that Ultimecia sat enraptured in a sterile notebook and non-bleed felt pen.
A burgeoning file rested beside her, still clasped in brown twisty-tie, falling out around the edges and threatening to overflow. The work entailed the endeavors of other scientists that had come and gone. But Ultimecia was stubborn, resolute, and devoted to her work. She could not rely on the conclusions of others nor did she have any reason to ; her task was to discover that which others could not, and to do that, she could not go down the beaten, tamped, and thoroughly over-trodden trail of others.
A clear, glimmering crystal rested on a metalic tray underneath the weight of three pounds displayed underneath. The material best resembled quartz, but had none of the properties of normal quartz; gone was the flakiness and impurity in textures. The weight was off, too, extremely heavy for its mass. Her pen worked to record the weight of the Magicite, rested to transfer it to a new tray with a thermometer attached, and then worked to record that as well; way above room temperature, it was warm to the touch.
The hours of the evening, night, and morning whittled away as Ultimecia worked, studying every which property of the Magicite. Despite its heat, it gave away no radiation. Couldn't be chipped, cracked, or pressured in any circumstances. Retained its teperature despite all other range of room temperatures. Completely unreactive to all the known elements. Completely absorbed any light or lasers reflected into it.
As the sun began to rise once more, turning the outside world greenery to the shades of morning autumn and illuminating a light mist over the moory regions, Ultimecia's journal had filled up with precise measurements. By every single standard, this crystal was supernatural, defying all known laws of physics. And inside it, an Esper rested. An anthromorphic cat, monochrome of black and gray, contrasted by a bright red scarf, had returned home. It seemed unable to speak, and would wait only long enough to confirm there was no battle to be bad before departing back into the crystal. It was a Cait Sith. But could the creature be delayed? Separated from its stone?
As noon rolled in, unable to touch the deep depths of the underground lab, on the dimly-lit research table, rested Ultimecia's face, fast asleep. An hour later found the research table as it was save for the face removed, and now buried deep into the sterile pillows of a lab-side cot. As the dim numerals switched to five in the afternoon, Ultimecia had resumed her post once more, notebook ever full. The crystal returned to normal temperature without the Esper, but retained all other properties. She theorized that it was the Esper that made its home supernatural, and the Espers presence that created the temperature, but somehow did not give it away.
All of this was good and fine research, but how was this new or different or useful? Why couldn't any power or heat be taken out, drained away? If it could give that power out, it could be a battery, or power. She leafed through the folder of others research now, comparing notes. Some things she had discovered that previously hadn't been recorded, most that had, and some that she had not recorded but they had.


Fruits of research thread ready!
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PostSubject: Re: FoRT: Magicite   FoRT: Magicite I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 21, 2013 12:26 pm

Fruits of Research Reward:
Ultimecia has researched the various properties of Magicite. Ultimecia now has a basic understanding of Magicite and their relation to Espers. Further research will now yield higher rewards.

Combat Ability:

Shard Shield
Description:By condensing mana in the air Ultimecia is able to create a field of magicite shards that can protect her from various elemental attacks.
Effects: Shield lasts for 3 turns, during duration elemental damage is reduced by 25%
MP Cost: 25mp

Stat Change:
Ultimecia's MP stat increases by +75

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FoRT: Magicite
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