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 World #2 (2008-2012)

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    World #2 (2008-2012) WorldII_zps42e6a69e

    - The scientist Professor Malice, working for Shinr adiscoves Gateway XXVI, and by interacting with his alternative self. Obtains a sample of a mysterious new strain to study.
    - The Gateway activates, and the Remnants come through from the wasteland, later it is revealed that before them came Morona Solomon, and the Solomons Key.
    - Tzigone meets another world wanderer, Kaze and discusses how the world has changed.
    - The Remnants officially militarise and use old world knowledge to shape events in order to avoid another apocalypse.
    -Professor Malice splits off from Shinra, and forms his own group known as M-Labs. From then on he is refered only by the initial M
    - Tensions between Galbadia and Midgar rise after Galbadia intercept a Shinra transport and steal Jenova’s arm.

    The Shinra/Galbadia Saga
    - Negotiations between the two nations break down.
    - Galbadia infrindges on Midgar Territory,, expanding their trading post near Billy’s farm into a more permenant military outpost.
    - Shinra sends Turks Reno Rude and Elena on a recovery mission to steal back Jenova’s arm. Mission is successful.
    - A Galbadian scout group is killed in the marshes by the Midgar Zoloom, Shinra is blamed.
    -Shinra/Galbaidan war begins.
    -First conflict between the two nations starts, army led by Soldier 1st class Kegal aims to expel Galbadian forces. Battle tips in favour of Galbadia due to mercenaries. Most notably. Belzera Grimoire and Zero Lorgana.
    - Galbadia moral boosted. Begins preparation for missile strike against Midgar city.
    - Turks sent on sabotage mission, successful. Galbadian missile capability crippled for remainder of war.
    - Sephiroth leads second assault against Galbadia. Battle ends in draw. Galbadia forced to retreat.
    - Ceasefire signed. War ends.
    -Sin attacks Bevelle. Summoner Adiona and her Guardian Zero Lorgana escape in time.

    The Solomons Key saga
    -Monster known as the Solomon’s Key, attacks Lindblum and is fought off before any major destruction is caused. The first sighting of the soon to be infamous creature.
    -Ruien Amuruaein emerges from dormancy and in his investigations, is directed towards Gateway XXVI by a shopkeeper in exchange for a recovery of documents from an abandoned lab. Ruien gains his answer and recovers documents, the shopkeeper is then revealed to be Crimson, a survivor of the old world and Agent for M-Labs. He shoots Ruein, who survives barely due to the intervention of the Hellwyrm. Crimson retreats. Ruien travels to Spira to continue investigation.
    -Summoner Adiona reaches the island of Besaid and obtains Valefor. Questions emerge as to whether or not Zero can be trusted as a guardian.
    - Nightmare Darklight lands in Mysidia, getting Cecil arrested due to subtle manipulations and heads towards the Mages Tower, following a rumour of a great power held there. He is permitted access to the tower, and climbs the levels, finally gaining permission to speak with the Grand Magisters. Teh god like beings who lead the Mages Tower. Seeking the Ultima document, Nightmare moves through their tests, passing each one. But is never heard from again afterwards.
    - The Sorceress Blue kills President Dieling and takes over control of Galbadia, installing Belzera Grimoire as her General.
    - Ven passes Seed exam after defeating the King Bomb in the Fire Cavern.
    - Ruien uncovers a secret M-Labs base in Spira. It is destroyed after a raid from the Remnants led by Tzigone. Who has a brief discussion with Ruien, before forcing Ruien to escape via the sewage tunnels. Here Ruien is given his next clue by a mysterious figure. He heads to the Zanarkand Continent.
    - Adiona obtains Ifirit. Zero’s loyalty is proven. Journey is put on halt briefly, and Zero hires himself out as a mercenary.
    -Shinra discovers location of the Promised Land. Cetra Continent.
    -Regent Cid Fabul of Lindblum traces the movements of the Solomons Key.
    -Lindblum arranges mercenary forces including several members of importance. August Krasnaw makes his first major appearance on the world stage. Ruien Amuruaien discovers the Key’s movements and finds transport. Zero Lorgana arrives to the scene to make money. Shinra arrives on scene to claim the territory for themselves. First Class Soldiers Sephiroth and Sabre make them a force to be reckoned with. Before an Air battle can start. Solomons Key appears in a new and evolved form. The attention of both sides is focused upon the monster
    - When sufficiently beaten, the monster retreated. Its true nature is revealed. An old world version of his brother. Celt Amuruaien. After the retreat of the monster, a third party takes advantage of the weakness. Ivalice and the empire reveal themselves. Claiming Cetra for themselves.
    - Ruien continues journey to Zanarkand, within he find Dorian’s asylum. A place beyond description where the soul of Celt is houses. Dorian the keeper of the asylum tells Ruien that they separated the soul and body of the key some time ago. And the two should never be reuinited for the sake of the planet. Ruien leaves, now intent on hunting down the key and ending the plight of his brother.
    - Zero and Rena meet for the first time, learning the ways of the berserker and moving on to complete several quests together.
    - August and Ven team up, August having secret plans of his own for the Genome.
    - The battle at Dollet, and the first occurrence of a Manifest Monster. Manifest ZERO is unleashed during the battle in which Galbadia, Midgar and Balamb fight over the sovereignty of the town. The power of the blight is proven, it is a massacre. Remnants move in and quarantine the area, capturing the Manifest and cleansing the area via Orbital Bombardment. Dollet becomes a “ Glass Beach”.
    - Galbadian government declare this a war crime, Sorceress Blue attacks the Remnant base containing manifest ZERO. As a result. The Manifest manages to escape.
    -M meets with the sorceress revealing himself for the first time, delivering information on the deal between M-Labs and Shinra. Blue vows revenge.
    -Kefka and Exdeath burn down Niblehiem
    -A message goes out containing newspaper clippings. This leads the people who obtained these letters to an abandoned military base. Inside, a message repeats over and over again over the tannoy system. A foolish stray bullet causes the unstable building to begin collapsing. Forcing people into the basement. It is revealed to be a secret M-Labs bunker. Inside the party face another Manifest. Manifest Dremora. This Manifest appears to be partially sentient. And shows them, whilst attacking...a dark glimpse of the future.
    - After defeating the Manifest, the fighters discover a dark secret, syringes that contain the forbidden power of the Solomon’s Blight. But also, ons that contain vaccine. They are forced to choose between accepting the power of the blight with potential insanity and death. Or permanent immunity to it. This causes a split in the faction known as the union of Gaia. Creating the Blighted. After leaving the syringes are collected. A secret trick by M-Labs, who use the DNA from the blood on the needles to create the Clone Unit. Ruien discovers final destination of Solomons Key.
    -Adiona grants the Body Guard buddy has her bodyguard
    - Buddy Zero and Adiona travel to Macalania temple, Adiona obtains Ixion.
    - Final battle with the Solomons Key occurs at Zanarkand, the body is beaten but not before it manages to absorb its sou.l. The Union enters the Dome of Zanarkand to find that the Key has used the Pyreflies to create a representation of the wasteland. After passing through the tests of the four horseman. They meet the true form of the Key in a version of the Black Citadel. Appearing as Celt Amuruaien albeit surrounded in a crawling black aura. The party are quickly overwhelmed by the power of the Key but slowly begin to break its power.
    - M-Labs and the Remnants begin their movement towards Zanarkand, the Remnants are delayed after an attack from an Iblis model sent by M-Labs. Upon arrival, the Remnants set up quarantine, the clone unit led by M breaks through and heads into the dome. Tzigone aims to give chase, but is stopped upon arrival of the Terrans. Forcing the Remnants and M-Labs to team up to fight off the otherworld invaders.
    - The M-Labs team arrive, and with a shot from Crimson, the Key is temporarily incapacitated. Fighting thir way through an army of blighted ghosts. The union make their final strike against the Key. Defeating it once and for all. M-Labs turn on the union and steal the body of the key.
    - A gateway to Terra is opened in Zanarkand. All forces retreat to recuperate. Future looks hopeful.

    The Manifest Saga
    - A number of important individual’s begin to disappear. Including members of the union and the Blighted
    - Ruien joins Remnants and assaults M-Labs facility, burning the body of the key.
    -M-Labs and Remnants declare ceasefire between them as suspicious events begin to unfold.
    - Manifest ZERO gains sentience, assassinates President Shinra and possesses his corpse.
    -Black Tear murders begin.
    - Black Tear murders successfully covered up, Ven joins the numbers of those who have disappeared.
    - Infinity captured by mysterious organisation....
    -Infinity escapes with the aid of a mysterious stranger known as Lucian.
    - Squall gains mission to assassinate Manifest ZERO, arrives in Timber with his Squad, meets up with member of the Turks Vertigo who givees access codes if they agree to help cripple Galbadian missile system. Vertigo is mysteriously killed whilst the missile system is revealed to not be a ballistics missile. But a biological one. Squall makes the tough choice and sacrifices Timber to ensure Galbadia are unable to complete such a weapon.
    - Crimson investigates unusally high Lucavi activity in Alexandria, meets Luna a possessed Aegyl. Luna recieves a message from the Grand Magisters and assaults the castle freeing Jonah, a monk who tells her that dark energy being built up will attract more and more Lucavi till Alexandria is at breaking point. The two perform a ritual which clears the dark energy. Crimson attempts to take the ritual artifact. But determines the two might have more use later on.
    - Arianna is discovered by Iblis and joins M-Labs
    - Squall arrives in Midgar and proceeds with mission, with the help of Arianna and Iblis he reaches the Presidents room where a Shinra Grunt, Cloud Strife has attempted assassination. This fails leaving Cloud injured. Squall fights Manifest ZERO with his squad. But Rufus Shinra arrives and finishes the job, unfortunatly without Iblis and Arianna's Materia Container. Manifest ZERO escapes.
    -Jonah and Luna hide out in Balamb and decide to investigate fire cavern as a means of discovering Lunas connection with Leviathan and attempt to break it.
    - Modifcation of Mako reactors revealed. Midgar goes into outbreak status.
    -Party is formed to take back reactor 1 and initiate mako purge
    - Party is successful, faces off against Manifest ZERO in his " syncronised form". They are victorious, Arianna and Iblis capture Manifest ZERO
    - Mission successful. Midgar is saved and the world remains unaware of the blight.
    - Zero lorgana deceased.
    -Ruien goes to investigate Asylum, visits Celt. During visit Rena's companion Jonah is revealed to have actually been Manifest 01. Unleashes Blight outbreak in Asylum, Celt is brought back and forces Ruien out so that he may better prepare the world. Celt escapes Asylum, shutting off access to the other worlds and delaying its escape.
    -Squall investigates the kidnapping of various individuals, including his own fellow Seed Sophia. Reno of the turks jumps along for the ride and they find evidence that Galbadia is experimenting with a biological weapon and using the kidnapping victims as test subjects at the orders of the new Sorceress Edea.
    - Arc visits the Mages tower, after investigating strange goings on, awakens with a 3 month gap in his memory and greater powers.
    - Veldt is destroyed by the Remnants, Object Goetia appears.
    - Goetia incident occurs as the Fal'cie Samuel lands on Gaia only to be corrupted by Object Goetia, heroes from around Gaia gather and defeat the corrupted Fal'Cie.
    - Bevelle is attacked by mysterious monsters emerging from portals, with the help of those now known as the heroes of Bevelle, the warrior monks force back the monsters and take back the temple. Unknown to the majority though beneath Bevelle was in fact a proto type of a new kind of Solomons Key. Defeated by the berserking Iblis Lynette, the Remnants move in and ensure the place is free of Blight infestation. Tzigone marks Celt, Yuna and Arc for execution.
    -After an outbreak in the asylum Celt seals it off, himself inside to prevent Armageddon.Despite the best efforts of the union to contain the invisible war, the Empire gains a blight sample and uses it in new Magi-tek experiments. The resulting technology is vastly improved over conventional magi-tek and a war between the Empire and the rest of the world ensues. The war is short lived as the Remnants use their satalitte weapon to destroy the Vector region, however the chaos following the aftermath results in a world wide manhunt, ignoring the blight all countries hunt down the Remnants.
    - Remnants Satallite blown out of sky by Galbadian missiles, Remnant bases stormed. Tzigone alone escapes, last seen headed towards Gateway XXVI.
    -Without the muscle of the Remnants keeping the blight in check, the world quickly sucumbs and the 'End of the Road' occurs, wasteland is created. World dies.

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World #2 (2008-2012)
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