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 World #1 (2003-2008)

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    World #1 (2003-2008) WorldI_zpse05c719c

    5000 Years Ago
    The destruction of Terra is soon to take place, The population of Terra allow Garland to watch over their souls as they go into a deep sleep. Garland then looks over the souless genomes who supposely take over a Terran's soul when they awake. Garland searches for a new world to support the Terra population. He then plans for Gaia to do such a purpose, he does so forcefully yet fails and then goes on a try another method. The lifa Tree is soon created to block Gaia's souls and replace them with Terran souls, The Gaian souls are soon created into mist which consumes an entire continent.

    Hyne, a sorcerer, becomes the father of humanity. He gives a part of his power to the sorceresses. The sorceresses' power is passed on through the generations; when one dies, another must take over for her. Only certain people have the potential to become sorceresses.

    4000 Years Ago
    The Cetran Race seem to be the leading race across Gaia, They become a clever race and never seem to decline. Yet the people of Centra also begin to rise, The two races are met in conflict several times yet soon become peaceful together/ The Cetra move towards the north and the Centra move to the south.

    The Centra have two empries, The military empire of Dollet and the advanced empire of Esthar. These locate in the east and west.

    2000 Years Ago
    The force of Jenova makes her way towards the Cetra Continent. It crash lands through space causing a crater which still hasn't healed to date. The Cetra there are turned into fiends after Jenova infects them with a virus. Some Cetran survive and build new settlements but soon after the planet creates five weapons to battle Jenova when the time comes yet the time never arrives, And they are never awoken. Jenova is soon after contained by a small number of Cetra, She is sealed in a special form of rock and never released.

    1000 Years Ago
    Huge war rages between the cities of Bevelle and Zanarkand. The war is fought with high-technological weapons, or "machina". Bevelle's machina is far superior to that of Zanarkand. The war lays waste to a large area of land, later known as the Calm Lands .The leader of Zanarkand, the summoner Yu Yevon, fears the worst.

    At Yevon's behest, many of the people of Zanarkand give up their lives and turn themselves into fayths. Yu Yevon himself merges with the life energy of the rest of the people to build an invincible armor called Sin. Using Sin, he decimates the army of Bevelle; however, the creation of Sin destroys Zanarkand as well. From within Sin, Yevon uses the fayth to summon a dream Zanarkand: Zanarkand as it was before its destruction, to keep it in its pristine state forever.

    Yu Yevon's daughter, Lady Yunalesca, pioneers a plan to punish Bevelle and honor her father as well. She creates a technique called the Final Summoning, wherein a summoner who trains her aeon-summoning abilities can call the Final Aeon. The Aeon is created from a guardian of the summoner, who has a close bond with her; the guardian is killed and turned into a fayth, who then controls the aeon. Summoning the Final Aeon destroys Yevon's armor Sin, but Yevon then merges with the new aeon and Sin is reborn anew after a time. The summoner also cannot withstand the energy caused by this phenomenon, and dies as well. Yunalesca proclaims that this rite can defeat Sin for a time and give Spira hope for a short while, but unless the world embraces the teachings of Yu Yevon and atones for their sins, Sin will never disappear completely.

    Yunalesca uses her husband Zaon as the first Final Aeon. She is then killed by the Final Summoning, but refuses to be Sent to the Farplane. She remains in the ruins of Zanarkand to guide future summoners in the rite of the Final Summoning.

    Bevelle remains in terror of Yevon and Sin, and to appease Yevon begins circulating his teachings . Mainly these revolve around the Final Summoning and a ban on machina . He allows certain non-martial machina to survive. Bevelle disseminates these teachings and sets up temples throughout Spira. Each temple holds a fayth, whose aeons summoners can train themselves with.

    The Al Bhed, a tribe speaking a foreign language, are unimpressed with Yevon and remain steadfast in using machina. They are labeled traitors by Bevelle and their machina is destroyed whenever possible, or lost . Eventually the Al Bhed lose the knowledge of how to make machina and are forced to use whatever they can salvage without knowing the actual workings of it.

    A song later known as the Hymn of the Fayth is taken up by those who defy Bevelle, including the fayth inside the temples. At first Bevelle prohibits the use of the song, but after realizing that this isn't working, they instead spread a story about it being sung in defiance of Sin, instead. Eventually it is adopted as a holy song by the Yevonites. The lands made uninhabitable by the machina war are later adopted by summoners as the place to complete the Final Summoning; the location is ideal because it is uninhabited. Because the time between Sin's destruction and his rebirth is known as the Calm, the place becomes known as the Calm Lands.

    The Three Goddesses known as Doom, Poltergeist and The Goddess all wage a magical war on each other. Espers are created by any caught in the middle of the chaos. After releasing what they have truly done they seal themselves and they are stored on Crescent Island. Soon after it is discovered that Espers have special magical powers themselves.

    500 Years Ago
    The festival of the hunt begins, A group of settlers create the city later as Lindblum. A man by the man of Cid Fabool does this.

    400 Years Ago
    The Temple of Gaia is created to project Gaia's keyhole, The keyhole holds the Heartless of Gaia away. Gaia unites to force the Heartless away and they are locked under the temple's surface. The Temple disappears from place to place and a number of keys are held to lock the Heartless away. It is also said that the keyhole holds the path to time, yet this is a mere rumour.

    100 Years Ago
    A powerful entity known as Chronus is born. He disrupts both time and the wind, He is forced to make a humanoid transformation. He is sealed away, yet mysteriously goes missing and supposely travelled to the current day via time travel. After awakening he keeps his identity a secret and is given a new family.

    80 Years Ago
    The people of Centra are hit by the Lunar Cry, They become extinct soon after. Their shelters protect the few, yet very few survive. They are split up into country like areas of Galbadia, Timber and Dollet. Yet Esthar is rebuilt and continues to grow.

    50 Years Ago
    Mist is soon being made to power airships, This is found by Cid VIII and Lindblum becomes a network of airships soon after.

    Black Mako is uncovered by Professor Grimoire Valentine of Shinra, Project Alpha is given the go ahead.

    Grand Maester Mika becomes in charge of Yevon, He soon dies yet refuses to be sent. So the unsent Mika continues to control Yevon.

    35 Years Ago
    The company of Shinra soon begins to sweep through Gaia. They emerge as the leading energy providers, They soon begin to take over the Midgar Continent. Much later both Midgar and Junon are built, From the start they begin research on the 'Promised Land'. The Turks are also created.

    30 Years Ago

    Badonna Branford, a human girl, loses her way and falls into the Espers' world, where she is taken in by an Esper named Maduin. They fall in love and eventually a baby is born, whom they name Terra. Gestahl, leader of the Empire, discovers the location of the Espers' gate and breaks through, capturing all the Espers he finds. The elder of the Espers manages to re-seal the gate and banish the humans, but Madonna and Terra also fall through. Madonna naively asks Gestahl to care for Terra; Gestahl takes the baby and leaves Madonna to die. Experiments on the Espers by Cid, the resident Empire scientist, leads to the creation of MagiTek, a combination of magic and science. One experiment involving Magitek is tested on Kefka, one of Gestahl's generals. The experiment is successful and Kefka is given magical powers, but his brain is warped by the energy and he becomes a madman. Further experimentation yields a more stable magical infusion which is used to create Magitek Knights, humans infused with Esper magic. One of these generals is Celes Chere, who was more or less raised by Cid. Terra is later used for military purposes, She is brainwashed.

    Edgar becomes King of Figaro after his father, The current king, passes away. Sabin feels he was poisoned by the king and later gets trained by Duncan in martial arts.

    An evil tree in the Evil Forest suddenly awakens and takes on the guise of Ex-Death, A Dark Knight. Ex-Death unleashes havoc and is sealed away in another world by the four warriors of the dawn.

    20 Years Ago
    Both Galbadia and Shinra sign a Peace Treaty. Galbadia ask for Mako technology and continues to, yet Shinra keeps it a secret. They secretly hold a number of meetings to seize the nation of Esthar and stop Adel, Yet President Shinra does not want war.

    19 Years Ago
    A girl by the name of Ellone is born, She has the ability to send her consciousness back within time.

    18 Years Ago
    Garland controls the Invincible to attack a village by the name of Madian Sari, For unknown reasons. The village is left in ruins and few are spared, yet Moogles begint o populate this small village and it soon becomes forgotten.

    Esthar, Controlled by Sorceress Adel, and Galbadia, Controlled by Dictactor Vinzer Deling both begin their rivalry. They both have heated battles. Galbadia also fights with it's neighbor Timber, Timber is consumed by Galbadia and rebel factions begin to sprout everywhere. The Forest Owls is also born. The village of Fisherman's Horizon is soon created away from Galbadia's violent means. They use words to get their point across, Not violence.

    The Lunatic Pandora is soon created after Adel finds out about the Crystal Pillar. At the same time Dr Odine begins a number of experiments , Including Gfs and the Junction System.

    15 Years Ago

    Shinra go to war with Wutai, A small island in Gaia. Soon after Wutai becomes a mere tourist attraction, It's troubled leader Godo seeks to restore nothing to Wutai's pride. Around the same time Professor Gast is facing hot competition from an upcoming scientist named Hojo. Gast is at the moment the top scientist. Gast flees for Icicle Inn in the Cetra Continent and meets and falls in love with a Cetran, They have a child named Aeris. Gast is shot down by Shinra Soldiers while his wife, Ifalna moves towards Midgar she soon passes away and hands down the White Materia to Aeris.

    SOLDIER is formed in Shinra after Hojo toys with Jenova's cells. Men are infused with Jenova's cells giving them superior abilities. Sephiroth joins the group still not knowing his origins, Within SOLDIER he becomes legend.

    13 Years Ago
    A division known as the White SeeDs is soon created. They are given their own ship and live on the ocean. They are trained by Edea and look for Ellone when she may be in danger.

    Edea Kramer recieves the powers of Ultimecia, Ultimecia passes on her powers after being defeated in the future. Edea is then destined to become a Sorceress. SeeD is created as a fighting force to repel the Sorceress, They forget their true purpose and take other missions to provide money. Headmaster Cid and Edea runs Garden at first, Three are set up and funded by a Shumi reisdent known as NORG. He proclaims himself to be the 'Garden Master' and dwells in the basement of Balamb Garden, Overlooking Cid.

    10 Years Ago

    The White Materia soon becomes myth, And is lost.

    Alpha project is successful and Alpha Weapon is produced. However its vampiric hunger and need for mako to sustain and evolve is a danger to the planet and to Shinra coorperation. They seal away the beast in the bottom of the Iifa tree.

    5 Years Ago

    The Tsviets, a group of SOLDIER based on the technology that created A-Weapon and Genesis are created. They are kept in the DG base hundreds of feet underground.

    Hojo moves Jenova from Nibeliem towards the Shinra HQ in Midgar.

    3 Years Ago
    The Black Mage Village is created to hold any Black Mages who think for themselves. They locate in a vast forest to hide away from Kuja.

    Chronus, The Master of Wind and Time loses his (fake) father after Mako Poisoning. He becomes a feared man due to his time and wind powers. His fake father's two bodyguards Zarlon and Yarlon remain loyal to him. He moves towards Mysidia and his powers are recongised. At the same time he keeps his true identity a secret.

    DG soldiers rebel under the flag of the Tsviets

    Shinra grows hatred for the Al Bhed, Their land on Bikanel Island contains much mako. Shinra hope to build reactors there and another Machina city. The Al Bhed resist and fight off the band of Shinra soldiers that attack, Despite the soldiers already being tired after the journey through the desert. Shinra Inc continues to do this every year and gets closer and closer.

    1 Year Ago
    Garland creates another genome by the name of Mikoto. It is more cold hearted then Zidane and Kuja, She is then to create chaos after Zidane and Kuja both fade.

    A group begin to occupy Mysidia, However there are no battles to decide this. Chronus orders the group and demands that the area will be mined. Over the next year Mysidia's materials become near enough completey mined out. Chronus next demands that a lab be built, The lab concentrates on researching on a form of unit known as the 'Giga Knuckle.' It takes a year for the first to be built, Soon after they are put into mass production.

    A Shinra project known as the Omega SOLDIER begins, it is destined to fail. It becomes highly unstable and Hojo stores it away, Hoping for it to obey rules. It much later breaks out and rampages through the headquarters attacking Tseng and Reeve.

    Alpha Weapon is awakened by the Ki Pirates.It begins its rampage.

    The New Order is in the process of being created, The elite group of 13 are led by a woman by the name of Python to destroy the Dark Order, Who apparently haven followed orders. They also have to eliminate Shinra, They act in secret and some bizarre and unique characters are assembled for the group.

    Galbadia and Shinra peace is uncertain. Galbadia uses a cover up story saying that Shinra won't provide the Mako technology they ask for, at the same time the Sorceress begins her rise to the top as if coming from nowhere.

    Ellone is transported from Garden to Garden, After hearing of the Sorceress Headmaster Cid worries and continues to change her location. The white SeeDs are finally called upon and begins earching for her, At the same time her transport is disrupted and her location unknown.

    Shinra puts out it's very first Neo-Mako creations. They are a huge failure as the Neo-Mako, or otherwise known as the DC Virus, Sweeps through the city of Midgar. A man by the name of Surogoshi, nicknamed Surge, is sent with a group of new elite Shinra soldiers known as 'Shinra Cleaners' to go into the slums and clean or destroy the virus. Surge loses most of his men, Yet he survives.

    Galbadia infilltrates a cargo ship carrying Jenova to Midgar, For unknown reasons Shinra plan to move Jenova. Galbadia infiltrate the ship and kill everyone onboard, They take Jenova to the Galbadia Missile Base and the ship is lost all trace of. Shinra do not learn what happened to it and Galabadia secretly hold Jenova. They experiment with it in many various ways and keep it a complete secret

    Alpha Weapon is defeated by the union of Gaia, the union go on to form a pact to destroy the remaining threats facing the world. Hunting them down one by one and ultimately sealing their own fate. The planet activates holy in an attempt to purge all evil, but the evil is too strong and is instead condensed in the body of Celt Amuruaien. Peace reigns for several months before the disease known as the Solomon's Blight begins to ravage the world, attempts to stop it are futile, the world is overcome and becomes the 'Wasteland'. Following research notes a group of survivors manages to activate Gateway XXVI and finds World #2, an alternate version of Gaia several years in the past....

    [See World #2]
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World #1 (2003-2008)
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