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 Sabotage! ( Quest Run ) ( Complete! )

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Matt Eria

Matt Eria

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Sabotage! ( Quest Run ) ( Complete! ) Empty
PostSubject: Sabotage! ( Quest Run ) ( Complete! )   Sabotage! ( Quest Run ) ( Complete! ) I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 20, 2013 8:58 am

His eyes remained on the small yellow sphere in his hand. He didn't understand what the difference was between it and every other Sphere he'd ever seen... but he wasn't going to argue the difference. He'd tried putting it in his projector to see what was left on it - but there was nothing going there. He could tell it wasn't a Memory sphere - there was nothing inside it that he could 'feel.'

So what the hell was he holding in his hand?

"Yo. Hey you. In the mask." It was a deeper voice that caught his attention - a guy was looking at him as though he were crazy. To be fair, he was wearing mime's mask in the middle of a city where such things might not be considered normal. Still, it must have been something worth talking about, otherwise the man wouldn't have been... well, there.

"You wanna earn some quick scratch?"

Matt tilted his head slightly. "Gil, man. Look. Here's the deal. You're one o' them freaky people. You don't dress like that unless you are. It's just a little plan. We'll pay you."

Well, Gil was universal. Who was he to argue with such logic? Rubbing the back of his head, he finally nodded. "Excellent! So listen..."


From behind his mask, he was watching as the patrols moved. Having been given his brief - and nothing else - he'd been told his job was to muck up some sensors. AVALANCHE was apparently the kind of place that could do all sorts of amazing things... except the actual labor part. Whatever. He was making easy money - once he figured out how to approach it.

It wasn't like the guards were particularly incompetent-looking at all. They seemed to be well-managed, and stationed in ways that took a little watching to finally spot any patterns. Of course - that was just the places where people were supposed to walk. He wasn't entirely sure as to what was going to happen if he tried getting in there. He might have the magic to handle a few guards, or silence them...

But there was a reason he was Sphere Hunting. He couldn't go into Bevelle, and this, arguably, looked far more capable than any of Bevelle's guardposts. Deep, easy breaths were spaced evenly, mostly to cut down on the amount of noise. Of course... there was one other route.

The suicidal, stupid route.

He looked over the railing system. There were several exposed locations, where railways met open air... and that would be the simplest, if most dangerous way to get in.

He waited for nearly a quarter of an hour, for the next train to pass. As soon as it did, Matt darted out from his place of waiting ( which is to say, the railway platform ), and dove after it. His shoes pulled just enough friction to keep him from falling on his ass as he hit the dip ( and the tracks ) when he landed.

Nevertheless, the man ran after the train.

He had no illusions that he'd catch the train. Sure, he was quick - quicker than most. But when push came to shove, he wasn't a freaking train. But he wasn't interested in catching it. His footsteps echoed around him as he lost sight of the tunnel exit behind him. He estimated he had about fifteen to twenty minutes before the next train came barreling in. Either he'd get it done by then, or...

Well, this place could use a new coat of red paint.

That thought spurred him forward. This was bound to be either really good or really bad.

He was watching numbers - indicators that would let him know where he was. He was passing through sector Six, now, so he had a little bit of time to reach Seven. Ten minutes, perhaps, was what he was affording himself. That, too, depended on where his exit was. He could try and run back the way he came, but that would just mean he'd have a greater chance of running in to the next train - and he was fairly certain the train wouldn't be that concerned with him running in to it.

He spotted the indicator for sector Seven, and smirked behind his mask. His lungs were starting to burn - it would be a good thing to reach his destination, and take a quick break. A break where he'd be sabotaging things, sure, but it definitely beat running. His focus shifted a little - since his location was supposed to be between Seven and Eight, he knew he needed to be thinking strategically.

Matt's pounding feet slowed, until finally he came to a stop, looking around. He was at the end of Seven, now, looking for something to tell him what the 'False ID' system looked like. While he could recognize numbers well enough, he wasn't going to be able to recognize it if it was written down. Thankfully, his informant had been kind enough to give a description of the scanners, and their routing boxes.

His moves were slow and sure, now, as he made his way over to the control box. He focused for a second, summoning the Variable Blade so that he could break in to the box with as little fuss as possible. He cut the lock in a quick swipe, and opened it...

To reveal about ninety five bajillion wires.

"... damnit." He muttered, no longer sure that this had been a good idea. There were about fifty of each color, so even if he'd been given instructions on how to do it, he doubted he could disable the system and make it look like an accident or malfunction. No, the best thing he could do was---

An angry-sounding hiss came from behind him, and the masked man turned to face it. Steam was spouting out of the end of a rather angry looking robot - a machina that made the ones in Spira look friendly by comparison. Who put a freaking scorpion tail on a worker robot?

Intruder identified......................................... defense protocol activated

Oh. Not a worker. He barely had time to get his sword up before the thing opened fire. It was like his muscles already knew what to do about having bullets rapidly trying to make friends with his internal organs. The sound of metal on metal ( and tearing leather, don't forget that! ) echoed down this massive tube.

A tube with a track.

A track with a train that he maybe had five minutes left to get out of the way of.

Oh this was bad.

He let out a grunt and dove to the side, trying to get out of the machina's line of fire. Dipping sideways, he imbued his sword with a bit of energy, and rolled with it, bringing the now-crackling blade along the frontmost leg of the arachnid-type gunnery robot. It faltered, apparently no longer able to keep up with him with its guns. Which was a good thing.

Or at least, it would have been, if it weren't for that damned tail!

It swung around, and a brilliant crimson light shot out, cutting into the floor. On the plus side, the thing seemed to realize it was not supposed to damage the track - it didn't let any of the laser's light, or the previously fired bullets touch it. Rumbling, it tried to keep up with him, and he, very seriously tried to make sure that didn't happen.

Footwork kept him alive, and clever thinking accomplished the 'mission' - he darted back in front of the control box as the thing was firing from its tail. The superheated energy cut through the wires, even going so far as to fusing some of the plastic around them into melted mesh.

This was good! He wouldn't have to worry about that. In the pass, he'd snatched the door cover for the box, snapping it off at the hinges without a second's thought or hesitation.

Just, you know, whether he lived or died.

He heard an echo, and the bottom of his stomach dropped out. It was the sound of the train. As if he wasn't perspiring enough? Not to mention the blood that was now coating the inside of the train tube liberally. He was good - but he was by no means perfect. Several grazing shots had cut through his reinforced clothes, and managed to tag him for real.

He'd deal with that later, provided he was able to do that.

His eyes narrowed, and he focused on his memories. Running forward - towards the thing, he dove forward as though sliding to home plate - sliding under the mechanical monster. Not necessarily the safest place, but it couldn't shoot him.

The sword de-materialized in his hand, while he was re-configuring his skillset. The robot-claw-feet-things were scuttling around him, and it was all he could do to roll to avoid being crushed as the staff slowly came in to being.

White light flickered over the sphere at the top of the staff, and he felt the magic flood his system.

Smirking behind his mask, he pressed - hard - on the thing's back legs, shooting himself back in front of it. Whatever sensors it had clearly didn't come with audio-sensors - otherwise it would have heard the panicked whistling of the train.

He wasn't paying even a little attention. He was just running the hell away. Haste magic would help. But it wouldn't fix anything. Only seconds later he heard the crash of metal pulverizing metal - but no subsequent explosions. That was good, yeah - he didn't want to accidentally murder innocent people. That being said, stopping the train? Would have been way better.

Despite his legs moving incredibly fast, carrying him forward, he knew that the train was gaining on him - the chugging of steam engines becoming a dull roar in his ears. That was when he saw it - a pinprick of light that was steadily growing. A tunnel opening!

The staff in his hand was breaking down much as the sword had - only to reform the blade. It would make him just a touch faster. If he looked back, he'd see the teeth of the thing just outside of the range of his coat. The odds of him making it were... bad.

He would have to dive to the side to try and escape its maw, and if he lost any forward momentum, he'd be crushed.

Which made all the more sense to him, as he reached the very end of the tube. He leaped, jumping for everything he was worth. His sword dug into the ceiling - but between his own inertia, and the sheer pressure of the air being pushed out from in front of the train? Matt was carried forward. His hand clutched the blade, and his body twisted with it, and for a moment, he was upside down, swinging like a pendulum with too much force.

Letting go, he flipped ( not particularly gracefully ) through the air, crashing into the top of the opening.

The train roared beneath him, denied its meal.

From his place now - out of breath, staring up through the eye slits in his mask? Well, the sky looked freaking beautiful. He decided against moving for... oh... however long it took for someone to come and poke him in the ribs, and ask him if he was okay.


With enough healing magic in him to hopefully alleviate any possibilities of scarring, the masked Sphere Hunter made his way back to the place where he'd originally met his contact. That is to say, the guy who would be paying him a whole boat load of Gil, otherwise there might be some sort of... well, violent escapade.

"Yo man, how do I know you did the job?"

Grunting a bit in annoyance, Matt reached a gloved hand into his otherwise tattered coat. Carmine was going to murder him for ruining another coat! He found what he was looking for - the bullet-marked cover from the control box. He'd liberated it, just in the off chance the guy didn't believe him. Of course, now he was glad he did.

He tossed it on the table, the metal of it making a heavy impact. Had he known how to read, he would have seen the letters F_ls_ ID sy_tem - letters liberally destroyed by bullet holes. He crossed his arms over his chest expectantly, and the guy looked between him and the metal door.

"Damn, how'd I know I'd pick the right guy? I still got it." The man reached in to his belt pouch, and removed a thick-looking sack. He tossed it to Matt, who snatched it out of the air as carefully as he could. He trusted the other guy to have paid him everything he was owed - frankly, if he didn't, he was pretty sure no one would look at Matt twice for stabbing him. A lot.

Nodding a little bit, Matt took a few steps away.

"Yo, man - you ever think of joining a rebellion?" Matt tilted his head a bit, and shook his head.

"I've got my own. But thanks." He replied, before turning and heading away from the confused - but satisfied - customer.

( WC - 2301
Thread EXP - 230.1
Mission EXP - 1000
Mission Gil - 700 )

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Sabotage! ( Quest Run ) ( Complete! )
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