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 Ultimecia // Scientist(ACCEPTED)

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PostSubject: Ultimecia // Scientist(ACCEPTED)   Ultimecia // Scientist(ACCEPTED) I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 16, 2013 4:17 pm

Ultimecia // Scientist(ACCEPTED) Ic4xMZo

Ultimecia // Scientist(ACCEPTED) BIOBas2
Name: Ultimecia
Race Lucavi
Age: 61
Gender: Female
Profession: Researcher
Class Scientist
Species Skill Gravira

Organisation: Shinra Electric Power Company

If your character is part of an organisation?
||Current Lifepath: Organization
 Current LPWC:0000

Alignment Neutral Chaotic
Home Continent: Unknown (from the future)
Ultimecia wears many outward masks such as an interested, innocent person. If her true personality were shown, she would not have any friends. Ultimately, her true personality is brash, rude, and power-hungry. While she has not developed a sense of malevolence or hatred for the world, she has many prejudices that may sway her towards that path, and she is swift to take offense. But she possesses a keen mind for politics, strategy, and their red-headed step-child, manipulation. Her actions are never without motivation, and whimsical is not in her nature.

As a sixty-something, wrinkles should be common place for this cougar, but her race keeps her skin taught and her appearance set as a thirty year old. But time hasn't completely forsaken her, and once luxurious raven-black hair is now salt and pepper that drops to mid-thigh length. Her clothing choices are always far too revealing to be considered professional or tasteful and she adores poofy shoulder pads, feathers, and fur. Her plumb immutable skin markings are a genetic result of her race, but can be covered up with a thick layer of well-done makeup. With her hair down, makeup on, and semi-decent clothing, she can pass as a normal-looking human.


    x1 dagger (lvl 0, +0 atk, +0 mag, +0 def, +0 mdef, +0 spd)

Ultimecia // Scientist(ACCEPTED) BIOstat

    [100] HP
    [0] MP
    [100] Strength
    [200] Defense
    [300] Magic:
    [200] Magic Defense
    [200] Speed

Ultimecia // Scientist(ACCEPTED) BIOABIL
Combat Abilities:

    Level 1 Slots:


    Level 2 Slots:


    Level 3 Slots:


    Limit Gauge: 0%



    Level 1 Slots


    Level 2 Slots


    Level 3 slots





Ultimecia // Scientist(ACCEPTED) BIOhis

    Ultimecia is from the future, a spiteful, malevolent entity that sought nothing less than immortality, prestige, world domination, and god-like powers. However, she was defeated by Squall and his companions. In the time-compression chaos, Squall traveled to the future to defeat the real and current Ultimecia, and there she died. But, what no one realized was that the time-compression had a hidden side effect: catapulting Ultimecia's body and soul together back in time. As the compression collapsed, memories, time trail, and magic were left behind. Ultimecia was thrown back, a vanilla soul, to live a completely new life in an alternate timeline. Left to her own devices, what would happen?

    Life is not easy for an infant that appeared out of nowhere with markings on its face, but it was nothing that makeup couldn't cover, and the orphanage couldn't handle. By toning down her eccentricities, she was able to finish the mandatory education and secure a job at Shinra. With job and skill training, she quickly found her way into a research role, the possibilities of science, and especially magic, enthralling to her imagination. In the lab, she could hide out for hours or months with little notice. Unbeknownst to her, her very own magic lied just beneath the surface, unable to express itself (not enough MP).

RP sample:

    The day had been long, peering through the specialized microscope to watch magicite particles interact. The next step was to isolate particles and begin further experimentation, but the former task had proven difficult. Namely, the magicite particles simply weren't normal particles and abided by laws of physics all their own, and often contradictory to the real world physics.

    The outer door came to a steady close. Next, the air purification and dusting process, and finally, the inner door opened. Noisy, distracting, and a nuisance, but it beat wearing bunny suits any day. Fredrick the janitor had seemed nice enough, and the perfect type of person to avoid suspicion. He had a wife and two children who looked just as ugly as he did; and he enjoyed money, as he was financially disparate.

    "Frederico", she dawned a Portuguese accent and rose to meet the man, kissing the air by each cheek as he did the same. She clasped her hands on his shoulder, excitedly.

    "I'm so glad you're here! I needed your help oh so badly, won't you stay and keep me company? It's so lonely in here", she dawned charm and desperation as she  began to weave her new web of lies.

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PostSubject: Re: Ultimecia // Scientist(ACCEPTED)   Ultimecia // Scientist(ACCEPTED) I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 16, 2013 5:56 pm

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Ultimecia // Scientist(ACCEPTED)
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