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 Bunny Time

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Katrine Clarimond

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PostSubject: Bunny Time   Wed Oct 09, 2013 4:05 pm


Today was the day. She had been preparing for this for seven years - mentally more than physically but still, preparing. She rose early with the sun and glowed with enthusiasm to match the morning light. It took only moments to throw on her clothes and she was still pulling up the straps of her suspenders as she headed out the door. She blinked as the sunlight hit her eyes and threw a hand across her forehead to cover them from the glare. She did not waver though and pressed on toward the center of town. There was no way she was going to be late today. Today was the day they were going to catch the Vorpal Bunny.

When she arrived in the town’s center, however, it was empty. In her eagerness and worry of arriving late, she had come much too early. There was nothing to do but wait. Letting out a slow stream of air, Katrine kicked at the rocks on the ground for a moment with her arms crossed against her chest. She looked up and around the square but nothing of interest caught her eyes. Bored, she took the rod from her back and began to spin it around - all the while looking out for any arriving to join the Vorpal party.
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PostSubject: Re: Bunny Time   Wed Oct 09, 2013 5:20 pm

Current Event: Bunny Time
Current BGM:

The morning was quiet, though that was normally the case of the day of the hunt. The Vorpal Bunny was a nimble yet cowardly creature, rarely saw and quite skittish any sort of noise would easily scare them off never to be seen again. And this trial was not one that you could afford to fail, at least not if you were going to be a successful salve maker and that was something that the Veira could not do without nowadays.

For an age the forest had been the home of your people providing all that you had needed, food, shelter, protection. The pseudo sentient nature of the magics that warded this place kept the creatures of this place safe from the expansionism and destructive whims of man. But these days the magic was growing weaker, the wind spoke for those who listened of a change in times.....of dark omens approaching. As you spun your rod, one would emerge from their dwelling to join you, her face was recognizable she was a hunter by the name of Eirza.

" So you are the one seeking the Vorpal Bunny?, I am Eirza Wood Warder, Jode has tasked me to accompany you on this hunt".

It would seem that it was to be but you and her on this hunt, whether this was a show of confidence or a sign of something more troubling was left to interpretation. " Shall we depart sister?"

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Katrine Clarimond

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PostSubject: Re: Bunny Time   Wed Oct 09, 2013 5:58 pm

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A shadow fell upon the young Viera. From the corner of her eye, she saw the dark figure in silhouette with the sun casting a halo of light around her. Katrine turned quickly toward the figure a wide smile on her face as she spun both body and rod toward the Wood Warder. However, the swiftness of her action coupled with nervous, sweaty palms caused the rod to slip from her grasp and fall softly into the grass at the other’s feet.

Katrine stared wide-eyed at the fallen rod for a moment before sheepishly glancing up at Eirza. Her ears drooped mildly in embarrassment but a small smirk stayed on her face. She bent to scoop up the rod and then took a step back. She placed it across her shoulder blades and rested her hands atop it. Everyone else in the Viera community moved with grace and slowness, taking a great amount of time to do anything. That just was not Katrine’s style. She was loud, fast and just a little bit clumsy.

“Yes.” She replied, a little too loudly - then more softly. “Yes..I’m Katrine.”

She had been dreaming of this day since Adeline had caught the bunny last year, bragging about the part she had played in the capture of the elusive creature. Katrine had little doubt that she would be the one to ultimately capture it this time but she had not expected to be the only one going.

“It’s.. just me?” She questioned, her elbows slowly lowering as her confidence in the situation waned. There were usually quite a few in search of the bunny. After all, it only came once every seven years and its capture was the only way to earn the full salve-maker title. It was disconcerting that none but the Wood Warden would join her on the hunt.

Regardless, she would not miss her chance at tracking and capturing the creature. Her heart pounded with adrenaline and the wide grin returned to her face. She swung the rod down from her shoulders and then thrust it up into the air with a whoop.

“Let’s do this.”

After her outburst, she clapped a hand over her mouth. If they were going to catch the bunny, she would need to be a little quieter. It was a skittish creature she had been told and would flee at the smallest disturbance. She laughed softly behind her hand before removing it and following Eirza into the woods.
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PostSubject: Re: Bunny Time   Wed Oct 09, 2013 9:03 pm

Current Event: Bunny Time
Current BGM:

As the creature sought after only appeared once in seven years, it was necessary for the hunters to be mindful of their voices. Eirza brought a finger to her lips in a kindly, but stern gesture for silence before taking careful stride through the Wood toward their quarry.

" Have you ever seen a Vorpal's tracks, sister?".

Eirza whispered while keeping close to the ground. "I do not imagine many have..." She glanced to you, assessing your resolve after knowing this fact. Perhaps the search was a fool's errand, however cherished the pursuit. Afterall, only one had been sent to accompany you. It made one wonder whether the pursuit would be successful at all.

Action Choice
1: Turn back now
2: Continue onward (spy tracks)

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PostSubject: Re: Bunny Time   

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Bunny Time
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