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 Yuna (Gaia#2)[ACCEPTED]

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PostSubject: Yuna (Gaia#2)[ACCEPTED]   Yuna (Gaia#2)[ACCEPTED] I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 05, 2013 4:37 pm


E-Human( Blighted)



Summoner of Yevon

White Mage

Species Skill
Jump Start (+1 CA at creation)


Complicated, Neutral

Home Continent:

Ultimately, in the beginning, Yuna was very sweet natured, and a nurturer. That was until the Blight infected and took her on a whirl wind ride, spinning her entire world upside down. Having lost everyone close to her, she becomes far more cynical than anything else. Where as she misses her old Guardian's, she longs to have more freedoms, and if the Blight has anything to do with it, that will happen.

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Healing Staff (LVL2): +50 MAG, +50 MDEF, +50 STR
Dark Guns ( LVL1, Transforms from Healing Staff when in Manifest form): +50 STR, +25 DEF
Satchel bag
Gil: 2,000


Level: 6


Strength: 600
Defense: 400
Magic: 700
Magic Defense: 500
Speed: 900

Combat Abilities:

Level 1 Slots:
Light Bringer
Description: A holy based attack in which her staff becomes a holy weapon, and aiming it at the enemy shoots 5 light projectiles in a circular form doing moderate damage, and greater damage to dark creatures.
Damage: 100 to single target
Additional Effects: Deals double damage to enemies of the Dark Element ex) Zombies, Demons (< not all Lucavi)
MP Cost: 100

Illusion Ground Shaker
Description: Imagine if someone were to cast Quake, what do you feel or see? The ground shaking, ripping from beneath you, the slow and steady wobble of your equilibrium going awry. But yet, Quake was never cast. It was all an illusion. Something to trick you into thinking the world was shaking beneath your feet
Damage: 0
Additional Effects: When facing a target inflicted with this, Yuna will have a x2 Speed modifer, as the targets attack will be off balance. Duration, 1 turn.
MP Cost: 100

Level 2 Slots:
Supreme Flash of Burning
Description: Orbs fill the area in which Yuna is in, all around her body. It does holy damage to both light and dark as the supreme light is integral to her heart of hearts. This flash also can heal her, or anyone surrounding her. However, if negative status effects are on the surrounding company, they will take damage instead of healing, same goes for her. She cannot perform this power with Blight intact, her eyes must be clear to call this out.
Damage: 250dmg all enemies/Allies
Additional Effects: If Allies are without status effects, they will be healed for 250. If Yuna uses this whilst Protomanifest form is in play, she will deal 250 DMG to herself.
MP Cost: 200

Illusion of Granduer
Description: Illusion of Grandeur - Before you, you were staring at an enemy. But the disappearance of them has you rattled. But before your eyes, you see someone you truly care for. Chances are, you couldn't fight that off. How could you kill someone you loved? Either past or present or even yourself.
Damage: 0
Additional Effects:If the enemy is in a party they will attack their allies for the duration of this tech. If not in a party, they will be unable to attack Yuna, till Yuna attacks them. This technique however will not work on characters who are physically known to be " Heartless bastards" and care for no one. Duration, 3 turns
MP Cost: 300

Level 3 Slots:
Holy Crush
Description: Upon activation Yuna sprouts two translucent angel wings, and her staff changes form to a sword which she can use at the same level as her staff. This form provides her with additional protection as well as speed when performing attacks. She rises up from the ground when the form intitates, then slams back into it, impaling the sword in the ground which unleashes a wave of cataclysmic holy energy.
Damage: 1000 all enemies
Additional Effects: Haste, Protect on Yuna
MP Cost: 800

Blighted Combat Abilities:

Blight Infection:Negative Growth
[*]Description: During the events of "Pages", Yuna chose to inject herself with the Blight. Afterwards her choices and actions have allowed the blight to gain a foothold in her personality. Changing her. Physical changes are a definate in this form. Yuna has chosen a dark path. Not fighting against the blight or the inner voice. Her skin tone has become paler. Her blood has become darker. The inner voice itself, a definiate part of her personality.
[*]Damage: 0
[*]Additional Effects: Immune to the Blight ( Already Infected)
MP Cost: 0

ProtoManifest: The Dark Temptress
[*]Description: A powerful dark form given by Yunas negative mastery of the blight. This form changes her appearance, replacing her robes with a revealing dark Night gown and her staff with a pair of dual high calibur handguns which Yuna may wield with the same skill as her staff. In this form Yuna's attacks have a chance of dealing death on their opponent instantly. But also in line with the abilities of a dark temptress. Should she be injured. Her allies will pay the pentality. Whilst this form is active she also has a chance of losing herself to the inner blight and going berserk.
[*]Damage: 0
[*]Additional Effects:
-Transforms Yuna into Protomanifest form.
-Normal attacks have a chance of inflicting the Death status
- If Yuna is injured she will steal 25% of the inflicted damaged from her weakest ally to restore her hp.
- Chance of going berserk in battle, admin will control this.
MP Cost: 80mp per active turn.


Level 1 Slots

Level 2 Slots

Level 3 slots
-Full Life



Since she was a very small child, Yuna only had her fathers guidance and his words to follow. Her Al Bhed mother died in an attack from Sin soon after she was born, so only leaving her father to raise her. That could have easily been the final shove that Braska, Yuna's father, needed to become a Summoner. Defeating Sin and save the people of Spira of their heartache was the only answer he had and needed.

When she was around Seven years old, Braska gathered up his Guardians in order to set out on his Pilgrimage. Being only a small child, Yuna couldn't fully understand those complications. But the Guardians regarded her as something special, especially Jecht, whom she looked up to and always looked forward to his stories. Auron, her fathers other Guardian, she looked up to as a man who was similar to her father, only more cautious, she knew he would be in good hands of the two.

Being native of Bevelle, it was her fathers idea for Auron to bring her to Besaid, so she could live and have a much more peaceful childhood. Knowing that summoning the Final Aeon would be his demise, one can only believe that he did this so she could have a family to watch after her. Being surrounded by the small island people helped her in becoming grounded and have a much closer knit tie of friends. Which in turn, it did help her shape who she is now.

Her fathers journey and death had a huge impact on Yuna's life and deciding to become a Summoner her own self. Her life's dream is to save Spira and to bring the Calm, as her fathers had and follow in his footsteps. Only hoping to have him be proud that she had done so. Yet it took some time for Yuna to gather the strength needed to finally decide to become a summoner, after much protest of her friends, as they all knew how the Summoner life ended.

Now having begun her trials, Yuna's life had begun unraveling. Attaining her first Summon, Valefor, and leaving the isle of Besaid behind, the world was wide open for her... However, things were not as they seemed. Having gone up against The Manifest, and partaking in the virus Blight, changed Yuna's destiny whole heartedly. The plethora of worlds that opened up for her was an amazing sight to behold, but now Yuna's challenge is to shove this dark entity aside. Spending half of her time as this Dark Temptress, especially in battles. Ultimately, the Blight has won this battle thus far.
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Yuna (Gaia#2)[ACCEPTED]
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