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 "The Origin": Celt Amuruaien [Accepted]

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Celt Amuruaien

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PostSubject: "The Origin": Celt Amuruaien [Accepted]   "The Origin": Celt Amuruaien [Accepted] I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 24, 2013 9:41 pm

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Celt Amuruaien






Species Skill
Farplane's Breath
Farplane's Gift

The Origin

||Current Lifepath: Adventurer
 Current LPWC:0000

True Neutral

Home Continent:
Zanarkand: Pre-war

For the most part Celt is a calm and fairly collected individual, capable of keeping a clear and level head in a wide majority of situations.

However, this is only a very small part of who Celt is, he is a highly arrogant and driven man, always aligning himself to the side that promises to face the biggest threats and find the most challenging foes, he loves combat almost as much as he loves taunting and provoking just about everyone –this includes his current allies- as the way he sees it, he has done the impossible more than once.

No-one can even begin to compare to him, not in accomplishments and not in strength or power.

As this may imply Celt is a highly fickle man, whom is very likely to turn on the people he is fighting alongside simply because he believes they pose a greater threat –and are thus a greater challenge- than those they are currently fighting.

The arrogance has also lowered Celt’s opinion of just about everything; no longer does he deem anyone or anything worth his time. They are simple annoyances... However, promise always exists; Celt is just a very hard person to please and will most likely end up disappointed by a fight and end up complaining that it was too easy regardless of how close it got.

Beneath it all, though, Celt holds an unconditional love for his brothers and would do anything for them. If his actions would result in the end of his existence, but would also somehow benefit his brothers he would see them through to the end. No effort or sacrifice made on the behalf of his brothers is too small, the call of blood and the wellbeing of his brothers comes before everything else, no exceptions.


Celt is a relatively well-built individual, his build perhaps only just perfectly fitting his height. He’s not skinny, but he isn’t build enough for his muscle-mass to show through his clothes.

He maintains the trademark genetic traits of the Amuruaien blood-line, the almost blood-red eyes and the silvery hair colour.

His hair is both long and short in equal measure, while the fringe and sides of his hair hang just past his jaw-line in relatively well kept curtains, the body –or back- of his hair only reaches a length that hangs just past the bottom of his neck.

His skin is a slightly paler shade than it would be if he were alive, with well defined cheekbones and a sharp jaw line that gives his face a slightly skinnier appearance than it probably should have. His lips, much like his face are paler than they would be alive, and while not pale enough to be white completely they are pale enough not to stand out from the rest of his skin-tone.

He wears a plain black, torso covering vest beneath a long, ankle-length trench coat. The trench coat, however, is not made of leather, but seems to be made of some kind of thick fabric and is lined with black sheepskin on the inside. It also possesses a high collar in order to better protect the neck in colder climates –though, that doesn’t really matter much now-.

His lower body is covered by a likewise plain pair of trousers seemingly secured in place by a golden-buckled belt. A plain black pair of traveller’s boots covers his feet. He doesn’t dress to impress, he dresses however, the hell he likes.

Orobas: -[Weapon]-[Level: 3]-[+100 HP]-[+200 Strength]-[+70 Defence]-[+55 Magic Defence]-
Despite no longer being infectious The Origin Strain of The Blight is still a power to be reckoned with. Having joined with Celt’s very being perfectly it provides him with an almost limitless use as a weapon; this gave form to the power simply called Orobas. Celt is able to manifest this power in just about any way he sees fit, that can be anything from using it in its rawest form and unleashing it as pure destructive energy, right up to actually giving it a perceivable form which can also range from anything as simple as a knife or a sword, right up to things like a gunblade or even, if he so chooses a grenade launcher.

The only true limit to this power is Celt’s imagination, however, right now its power is severely limited due to Celt’s time spent trapped in The Asylum. There is further room for evolution.

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HP: 950 -[850: base stat + 100: Orobas]-
MP: 200

  • Strength: 660
  • Defense: 500
  • Magic: 100
  • Magic Defense: 300
  • Speed: 100

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Combat Abilities:

Level 1 Slots:

    Blight: Origin Strain
  • Description: Celt is man in which The Blight originated from, during his existence as the beast simply known as “The Key” it was this strain of The Blight that kept The Blighted creatures known as “Manifests” as little more than animalistic monsters. The Origin Strain prevents further contamination from The Blight and also has a visible effect while fighting against Manifests. Furthermore The Origin Strain gives Celt additional power when fighting against foes afflicted with The Blight.
  • Damage: N/A
  • Additional Effects: Immunity to The Blight, When in battle with a Manifest causes a loss of sentience for The Manifest and causes them to go berserk for 3 rounds, gives Celt a 20% damage increase when fighting against Blighted monsters.
    MP Cost: Passive

    Minus Strike
  • Description: This is Celt's "ace-in-the-hole", when he has taken heavy damage he strikes his foe. Dealing to them all the damage that they have dealt to him in a single strike.
  • Damage: Deals damage equal to the difference between Celt's current HP and his max HP.
  • Additional Effects: Targets a single enemy, ignores the Defence and Magic Defence stats.
    MP Cost: 25

    I MIGHT Break A Sweat
  • Description: Celt is a warrior that revels in the joy of battle and excels under the thrill of a good fight. The longer a battle wears on and the more damage Celt sustains during its length, the more dangerous he tends to become. He finds true excitement when facing seemingly overwhelming odds.
  • Damage: N/A
  • Additional Effects: During battle, if Celt's HP falls to 25% or less of its max value all of Celt's stats gain a 50% boost for as long as his HP remains as such.
    MP Cost: Passive/Activated

Level 2 Slots:

    Blight: Origin Strain
  • Description: Celt is man in which The Blight originated from, during his existence as the beast simply known as “The Key” it was this strain of The Blight that kept The Blighted creatures known as “Manifests” as little more than animalistic monsters. The Origin Strain prevents further contamination from The Blight and also has a visible effect while fighting against Manifests. Furthermore The Origin Strain gives Celt additional power when fighting against foes afflicted with The Blight.
  • Damage: N/A
  • Additional Effects: Immunity to The Blight, When in battle with a Manifest causes a loss of sentience for The Manifest and causes them to go berserk for 4 rounds, gives Celt a 30% damage increase when fighting against Blighted monsters.
    MP Cost: N/A

Level 3 Slots:

  • Description: ---
  • Damage: ---
  • Additional Effects: ---
    MP Cost: ---

Limit Gauge: 0%


Level 1 Slots

Level 2 Slots

Level 3 slots



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Celt was born in the city of Zanarkand a little over one-thousand years ago with his twin brother Ruien. Their mother was killed by their father when they were seven and were soon after raised by their older brother, Ignotus after he disowned their father.

Under their brother's guidance Celt and Ruien were both taught the values of their blood relation to each other among other things. This is the point at which Ruien and Celt began to branch out on two very different paths. While his brother fell into intensive self-taught study Celt decided that he would take a more practical approach with his life.

However, at the age of fourteen his plans were put on hold as the war between Zanarkand and Bevelle began. Alongside his two brothers and the rest of the city the war lasted three years, more than testing Celt beyond his limits. By the time the war had reached its third year, Celt already had the blood of thousands on his hands... That was until the fateful day that marked the rise of Sin.

It was during that time that all hell broke loose; Celt and Ruien were forced to disown their older brother Ignotus as he abandoned them to join the ranks of a dark cult known as The Mantra. Alone, Celt and Ruien watched as their home rapidly fell apart as Sin rose, watching as both sides of the conflict were obliterated in seconds.

Unwilling to die to this beast the two brothers fought back, eventually being scattered by an intense magical blast. Celt watched as Ruien plummeted into the sea and then passed out seconds later himself... For reasons unknown, even to this day, Celt slept for one-thousand years, suffering from an almost complete loss of who he was as a result when he eventually did awaken.

He awoke first at a deserted landscape, and then later on in a bed in the medical-bay of Galbadia Garden. Suffering with almost complete memory loss Celt signed himself up as a SeeD candidate, passing every test put before him with apparent ease. Before long he had qualified and had attained the rank of Galbadian SeeD, however, events were already moving apace faster than Celt knew.

After becoming separated from his comrades during a mission and finding himself in Spira; Celt, by chance learned of a coming war, headed by an apparently fearsome enemy Sorceress Asami. After learning that she had declared war on the Garden that he was staying at Celt immediately began making his way back.

By the time Celt did eventually manage to return to The Garden the war was already underway. With the help of a relatively small team, they managed to reduce enemy numbers and make their way to the Sorceress. The fight that followed was short and intense; however, Celt and the group he was fighting alongside were defeated.

It was here that the seeds of corruption were planted as Celt regained his sense of self.

Time progressed with Celt slowly distancing himself from The Garden, watching as the world around him fell into ruin. Slowly but surely Celt became more and more corrupt, his ego slowly growing as he started actively seeking out and killing potential threats, the greater the odds he overcame and destroyed, the more egotistical he became.

In a very likewise way, the more he fought alongside those claiming to be the protectors of Gaia the more he grew to hate them. Until eventually, during an “event” that Gaia would simply remember as “The Reunion” Celt turned his back on the Union of Gaia.

A being of immense power calling herself Persephone confronted the party, after seeing the power his former comrades possessed and acknowledging the potential threat that they could pose he prevented the finishing blow from being struck, and aided Persephone in a tactical retreat.

More time passed, Celt now fighting less for the cause the so-called “Union” stood for and more to find himself a good challenge. And slowly but surely the world fell further into chaos, A world of balance created by its imbalance, Celt had eventually concluded... An amusing thought to be sure, and not one he was going to complain about.

It took some years, but eventually all of the threats that had once faced Gaia were defeated. Celt, however, remained standing. For the longest length of time he had been undefeated by The Union of Gaia, and even then, at the end of the ruin the same remained true.

However, things were not over, at the end of the final battle a great light erupted from beneath the ground. At first, Celt felt an odd coldness from within himself, but, he thought nothing of it, clearly it had simply been an attempt on his life by the planet. And it had failed.

With a small smirk he left the Union before they could regroup; their alliance this time around merely temporary to face down a great threat. At first nothing further happened, Celt took the time to recover from the final battle and plan his next move. Days passed, things slowly began to die around him as he travelled, his thoughts became erratic, and he began to hear voices within his mind. He couldn’t ignore them, just endure them.

He began to fall to sickness. As did those around him, everyone, everything he touched was effected.

The Solomon’s Blight had been born.

Past this point Celt can remember very little –if anything- concerning what he became and what he did (though, he does vaguely remember beating a large group of people into submission) before finally waking up in The Asylum and being face-to-face with his brother, Ruien. He knew that the world he was in was a parallel to the one he was from, and that still made Ruien his brother. The urge to keep his brother safe drove him to get Ruien out of the Asylum before it was placed into outbreak status. Now, he fights to escape from it... Well, somewhere down the line, he’s sure to find at least one foe there to challenge him, isn’t he?

RP sample:
"It appears that I... Have fallen."
He looked up from his position, up at the pathetic gathering that had faced him, their prowess in battle was nothing compared to his, their alliance so fragmented that they might as well have been fighting each other as well as him, he knelt in his own self inflicted defeat, losing the will to so much as slap them around the face... Their victory against him was a hollow one, he knew it, and while the majority of them would be blissfully ignorant to that fact, there was one whom, like him, knew how meaningless this victory was for them.

"The Lord of The Mantra is beyond the next pocket dimension. I no longer wish to waste my effort here. Go, now, look back at your own peril."
Their most powerful warrior lowered his weapon and began his march toward their target, the look in his eyes confirmed that Ruien's suspicion had been correct. Like Ruien, Tzigone knew that this was a hollow victory, he had seen it from the beginning of this fight. Their victory had been assured before Ruien had done anything.

Protests, some of them believed that Ruien should have been struck down, killed now, however, with only a single word he shut them all up and had them moving again, soon it was just them. Ruien, Zero and Adiona. His two allies still suspended in the air, he looked up at them and then away once more... He had no desire to let them down just yet, Celt would do that soon enough.

The walls seemed to melt away as all at once demons, under the command of another leaped into the room and directly at The Dark Samurai, whom made no effort to defend himself from them. As expected his Brother burst into the room, and in a spectacular display of swordsmanship killed the attacking demons in seconds.

Soon enough, he found himself looking into the face of his Brother, Celt as he too fell to his knees.

"My Brother, what are you-"
Celt began to ask, however, Ruien looked past him and out the large make-shift window of the room.

"Brother... They were too weak, I held back... Almost entirely and still they failed to kill me. I desired death enough to let them achieve victory against me... And now I have nothing, No dignity, and no."
He paused, averting his eyes from his brother.

"A life without her is a life not worth living..."
He slowly reached down for his trusted weapon, The DeathWish and handed it to Celt, he would make sure that this would be the weapon that ended his life.

"Let me die, with what little meaning I have left. Let me die knowing that I died to the hand of the only one that meant anything to me, that became my superior in every way."
There was a loud clatter as the katana-esque blade hit the ground and then a dull pain as he was punched hard in the face by Celt.

"You have a SON!"
He felt his eyes sting and kept his gaze still averted from his Brother, knowing that he would not be raising his own son was a painful truth, but he would be too ashamed to raise a son, especially after today.

"I fear... I'll have nothing to teach him. You accomplished what not even Ignotus could and brought The Union to their knees twice. The last of the three left standing, the most powerful sibling."
He said, managing with great difficulty to keep his voice steady as he finally looked his at his Brothers face once more, there was a long silence as slowly he drew the blade from its sheath and looked at it. He could see that his brother was distraught, but in time, he would learn to accept this... After all, the most powerful of the three, the man whom would be raising his son was going to need all the strength he could get.

He moved his left hand down to his right forearm, touching the bracer that he had cursed into his arm back during the war and established a quick contact with Heru-Soeki, giving him his final words.

-"Please forgive me my Brother."-
Celt gently positioned the tip of the blade against Ruien's chest and wrapped his free arm around Ruien's neck. And then with a single movement pulled him into a brotherly embrace, the blade sliding straight through his chest.

"I'll miss you my Brother."
The blade was twisted, and then torn from the wound, putting a hole in his heart and then ripping in two completely, everything began to fade rapidly, his body unable to heal the wound. Everything fell black and silence enveloped him, he had been granted his wish by his Brother.

Ruien thought for one brief moment that he could just about see his Brother trying to fight his way through the influence of The Blight, though, perhaps that was more down to wishful thinking over anything else.

Celt slowly returned The DeathWish to its sheath and attached it to his belt along with his own murasame blade, he looked down at his brother, his face frozen in its last blank expression, his eyes gazing emptily to the ceiling. Gently he closed Ruien's eyes and took his coat off, placing it over his brothers body, just to ensure that his face was covered by it.

Picking up the body he dismissed the Black Fired holding his Brothers former allies in place, they dropped to the ground and remained silent as Celt turned to leave, stopping before he reached the door, he half turned to them, looking at the two of them through his hair. Hoping that it would be enough to hide his eyes.

"Go, face The Lord... I'm not going to stop you, just do one thing for me..."
He paused briefly, making sure he was able to keep his voice steady.

"Make them pay... Make them all pay."
And with that he left them to go for their enemy, Ruien was dead and now he was alone, he had only his Nephew left to look out for, and once he was trained sufficiently, then Celt truly had no idea what he would do... One day at a time, he had no need to plan too far ahead, the first thing he needed to do was make sure that his Brother got the send-off he deserved.

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"The Origin": Celt Amuruaien [Accepted]
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