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 Rena Cleareyes[ACCEPTED]

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PostSubject: Rena Cleareyes[ACCEPTED]   Rena Cleareyes[ACCEPTED] I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 24, 2013 12:25 pm



Appears in twenties




Species Skill
Demonic Blood


Ex-Union of Gaia


Home Continent:
Was summoned to the realm

Lovable, strong willed, calm, yet sometimes hyper. Will tell you how she see’s things and stand up for a friend, weather for them or even to them. She can be a bit easy to manipulate sometimes, Having a darker side of her kinds heritage.

5’5, Athletic but still very feminine, wanna know measurements XP to bad. Usually found in a, Human like form, four long fluffy white tails, Black tipped with black fine lines etching through her seen fur. Long white softly furred ears with the same black times and small black rune lines etching the furr.

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Claws, Short Bladed Crystal Katana
--Crystal Katana [Level 2] +75 Strength, +75 Defense
--1000 Gil


Level: 10

Strength: 800 (+75 when Crystal Katana is active)
Defense: 600 (+75 when Crystal Katana is active)
Magic: 100
Magic Defense: 400
Speed: 500

Combat Abilities:

Level 1 Slots:
Liquid Fist
Description: Use’s water on either, Hands, Claws, Feet. Water naturally if hit hard enough acts like a solid wall, user coats their bodily appendages in water, If Blocking or Deflecting, water can be used to soften a blow, Or slow it. As well If hitting, upon impact from the force of the user, the water would go solid for the hit, while softening the user’s own impact in the water. Increases Def by 10% for one turn after strike

Runic Release (i)
Description: Partially unlocks some of Rena's runic powers. Makes her more animal like. Increases speed by 10%
Damage:0, Drains Rena of 10 mp per turn active

Elemental Mastery (Runic Fire)
Description: Rena gains low level pyrokenesis, and gains the ability to use runic flame. A powerful blast of fire that damages all enemies
Damage: +100 magic damage, all enemies

Kitsune Immunity
Description: Rena's immune system is stronger than the average creature. Allowing her immunity to poison and virus.

Mako ManipulationLevel 1
Description: After coming to understand her own true potiental, Rena gained a unique insight into the workings of the planet. This knowledge gifted her with the ability to understand how it works, and use her own currently existing powers to manipulate it in minor ways. With this power she can cure those afflicted with mako sickness, as well as other people with similar degenerative mako problems, due to her control of Mako her MP also Regenerates at 15% per turn.
Damage: 0
Additional Effects: Regen MP 15% per turn
MP Cost: 0

Spell Infusion Rune
Description: Rena places a Rune on the field capable of absorbing magic damage and storing it as energy.
Additional Effects:
Rune absorbs the energy of magical attacks keeping a dmg score.
MP Cost: 100

Description: Rena is able to utilize her runic magic to jump into the rift, and seeminly teleport between points instaniously. Durina battle this gives her a chance to perform a critical hit if her speed is higher than her opponents.
Damage:If Critical, x1.5 normal
Additional Effects: Cooldown of 2 posts, can be used to travel between areas.
MP Cost: 50

Level 2 Slots:
Liquid Fist
Description: Electrical Generation ::
Able to Generate and maintain a constant electrical field within, along, and around her body at the distance of 1 foot. the Charge generated is mainly for defensive purposes.
Damage: Attackers take 40 damage per physical attack on Rena. Drains 15mp per turn. Lasts for 3 turns.

Runic Release (II)
Description: Rena further unlocks her runic powers. Entering an anthro type form increasing her magic by 10%
Damage:0. drains 25mp per turn. Stackable

Elemental Mastery( Kitsune Pulse)
Description: Further training of manipulation of the elements grants Rena low level Aquakenesis as well as a powerful water attack called Kitsune Pulse.
Damage: 400, mp cost 100

Kitsune Immunity(II)
Description: After spending more time on Gaia Rena is more resistant to Gaian based illness.
Damage: 0, Immunity is further increased to include blind and silence

Mako ManipulationLevel 2
Description: Continued Growth in her body's ability to control and manipulate Mako, has allowed her to be able to safely infuse herself with the substance with no side effect, while doing this, she can mix pure Mako in with the water she controls, an example of such would be her forming a small ball of water with a Pure Mako Core, able to throw these at an enemy she could compress it enough to cause an explosion with a damage of 100 hp. Also the MP cost of her abilities is cut by 10%
Damage: 100DMG all enemies (magic based)
Additional Effects: 10% MP reduction
MP Cost:40MP (Offensive)

Rune Magic Absorbtion
Description: Rena can absorb the magical energy from the Rune to restore her own MP
Additional Effects: Rena can absorb half the "damage" absorbed by the Rune to restore her own MP.
MP Cost: N/A.

Level 3 Slots:
Elemental Mastery (Ionic Pulse)
Description: Grants Rena low level electrokenesis. As well as a powerful electrical attack known as Ionic Pulse. Which causes a massive discharge of electrical energy around Rena.
Damage: 1200 dmg all, MP cost: 750

Runic Unlock(III)
Description: Rena releases the full potiental of her runic powers. Increasing all stats by 10%. But at a heavy price.
Damage:0,costs 100 mp per turn active

Blight Abilities
Blight Infection ( Positive) Blighted Scrawl
Description: Rena's runic nature seems to have been corrupted in some sense by the Solomon’s Blight. Now whenever she lands a physical attack. The runes upon her body will move and spread to her opponent. Much like a disease in on themselves, These runic marks will continue to move and spread throughout her opponents body as they move and act, and even think. Causing them intense suffering. Since this is not a status effect in the typical sense. There’s no way of nullifying or guarding against it.
Damage: 15 damage every turn thereafter
Additional Effects: N/A
MP Cost: N/A

Blighted Burn
Description: After managing to resist the blight, Rena's blight powers have began to grow. But in a positive manner physical changes are beginning to present themselves on her body, but are not as obvious as they would be had the negative blight change happened. Her fur is slightly darker, but only slightly, With this new power Rena is able to fire a blast of light from her body. That upon impact will deal damage cursing the opponent’s health recovery.
The attack will deal damage equal to half the amount of HP that the opponent has recovered during battle using means of healing. If an opponent has had life cast on them. Being hit by this attack will automatically KO them
b]Damage:[/b] Dependant on Healing
Additional Effects: Auto KO if life has been used
MP Cost: 550

Blighted Scourge
Description: Rena has managed to resist the blight completely, as a result. She has twisted the Blight to her own means, as opposed to her being twisted to its.Blighted Scourge taps into a portion of Rena's true nature and channels that power into an attack of epic proportions. Blighted Scourge unleashes a wave of fire erupting from below the opponent. But this is no ordinary fire, much like Blighted Burn, this fire is tainted by the powers of darkness.
Damage: 1700
Additional Effects:Inflicts Blighted Scrawl
MP Cost: 1000

Most people question just how it is that Rena was able to subdue the blight inside of her when so many others fell to its influence. Truth of the matter is that Rena didn't subdue it, it just had virtually no effect on her. Rena's mind isn't like the others the blight had encountered, she had an innocence that it could not breach. A voice dismissed like an annoying child. This innocence has began to manifest as a power within Rena, marking her as different from others in her race, allowing her to ascend to Celestial status. This has the effect of lightening her hair ( again) and her fur as well as increasing her strength and holy resistance.
Rena's stats increase by +100, she also obtains a 50% resistance to holy element.


Level 1 Slots
-Gravity: 10% of Max HP, 40 MP.
-Haste: 60 MP.

Level 2 Slots
- Hastara: 200 MP.
- Gavira: 20% of Max HP, 120 MP

Level 3 slots



Born in a separate realm, Her kind, the Runeic Kitsune were adept elementalists, Fighters, mage’s, and Rune user’s. Herself having been cast from her own home as she followed a Path far different from regular kitsune. She’d wandered the world, eventually coming upon a Snowy forest, far to big to stay such unless it was by an outside source, Her journey took her through the forest, tested her to the brink of her own death. Only to be saved by the one who lived at the center of such a deadly place. She fell further under his way and training. Finishing part of that training she was sent off to learn of other worlds. In these travels she’d made friends in another Kingdom, A kingdom under partial influence from the one whom had been training her she’d later come to learn. This is also where she found love.. or so she thought before it was ruined. With broken heart and darkness in her, she set back off to complete her training where she gained her runes. Upon this completion she was sent away again, this time to a new realm of existence. Her abilities all sealed away, she Starts anew once more.

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PostSubject: Re: Rena Cleareyes[ACCEPTED]   Rena Cleareyes[ACCEPTED] I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 24, 2013 12:26 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Rena Cleareyes[ACCEPTED]   Rena Cleareyes[ACCEPTED] I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 07, 2013 6:53 pm

Original stats as they were with Innocence figured in at lvl 10 from the old site
Strength: 700 (+75 when Crystal Katana is active)
Defense: 600 (+75 when Crystal Katana is active)
Magic: 600
Magic Defense: 500
Speed: 700

Placeholder for missing CA Class that originally contained Sound and what nots..  ::V::

CA Class Shifter ::
lvl 1 :: Illusion :: = Rena can seemingly change the layout of a battle field to suit her needs when in a battle, The actual Battlefield does not change but what an enemy see's does change.
Additional Effects: Rena cannot be targeted by an enemy unless they pass a dice roll check, this lasts for 1 turn and can only be utilized once per battle.
Mp cost = 20

lvl 2 :: Sense Illusions :: = Rena's Ability of Illusion grows stronger as she is able to more greatly affect the senses of an Enemy, to make them believe that the illusion she has created is real without actually being so.
Additional Effects: Upgrades illusion, requiring 2 dice roll checks for an attack to go through. In addition it lasts a further round.
MP cost = 100

lvl 3 :: Pocket Reality :: = Rena use's her kinds ability to create pocket worlds for themselves to bring one into existence for a short time during battle, She's able to Change a battle fields layout to suit her own designs. Once finished the pocket reality will fade leaving the previous landscape intact.
Additional Effects: Rena is able to inflict the target with a chosen status effect (as she controls the layout of the field) also all previous abilities fall into this one as well.
MP Cost = 500

:: Limit to follow soon that I never got around to making x.x ::

:: Missing from Profile ::
A Large Airship with A set of Mako Cannons, and Rail guns.

Unknown Pendent:
Stolen from Seymour's vault. Gives auto
life status.

Kitsunian Immunity:

( Passive ) Rena's Kitsune biology makes her immune system extremely strong. After more time spent on Gaia, her resistances have boosted and she’s become immune to the following effects.
(lvl 1) :: poison, virus and slow
(lvl 2) ::Stop, silence, zombie::
(lvl 3) :: Full Immunity to Status effects ::

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PostSubject: Re: Rena Cleareyes[ACCEPTED]   Rena Cleareyes[ACCEPTED] I_icon_minitime

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Rena Cleareyes[ACCEPTED]
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