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PostSubject: Quest Board   Sun Oct 06, 2013 10:14 am

**Note: Only 3 quests can be done a week, unless you are taking the adventurer's lifepath. In which case there is no limit**

Balamb Region
Shumi Shimmy
The Garden Festival is drawing near, and the Garden will be having some special guests to add to the celebrations. Representatives of the Shumi village will be taking part in the festival....though most people on the festival committee know very little about the Shumi People. Escort several members of the committee to the Shumi village so they can enhance their knowledge.
Word Count: 4000
Rewards:1100exp, 600gil

Vector Region

Help the Deserters!
Wedge and Johnnie have been sending messages out from Vector via bottles that have been washing up all over the place. Considering most of the messages are illegible it seems they are quite drunk. But the location seems to be one some sort of island inside of the underground river. They are requesting assistance and are running out of rations. The two have assured payment however for anyone who helps them. Find a bottle, follow the sloppy directions, and go save these two deserters by bringing them out of vector teritory. (Can not be done after Track the Deserters!)
Word count-3000
Rewards- 1000exp, 500gil

Track the Deserters!
Despite all attempts Vector is unable to find two deserters who are believed to have potentially sensitive information. We have discovered a bottle that says they are in the underground river somewhere but the rest is illegible. Those tunnels are returner territory and would therefore put us at risk to enter. But we would be willing to pay handsomely for anyone able to bring the two in alive. Be warned that they are armed and trained soldiers. (Can be done after Help the deserters if tracked or turned in after the rescue)
Word Count-3000
Rewards- 1000exp, 500gil

Midgar Region

Guarding the Reactor
-Description: Lately Shinra inc has been having some problems in keeping Reactor security at top levels. As of such we're hiring outside contractors to help keep security at a tip top level.Guard our reactor and ensure that no pesky terrorists can assault the citizens of Midgar.
-Word Count to Complete: 3000
-Reward: 1000exp, 400gil

Blind Date
- The Honeybee inn has started a blind date agency, we're hoping to hire people to try out the system. You will be randomly placed with another date of (hopefully) the opposite sex. When the date is done you'll be paid a small sum and fill out a form detailing your experience.
Word Count Requirement: 5000
Reward: 1100 exp, gil 800

Cetra Region
Bone Village
-Description: Ever felt the need to get waist deep in an archeological dig? Heres your chance! Bone Village is hiring people on to be rookie excavators, we pay top gil and the experience is unlikely to be one you will forget.
Word Count: 1500
Reward: 500exp, 200gil

Mysidia Region
Dangerous Dragons
-Description: Dragons have been acting up recently in the Mysidia region, the Mages Tower claims that its due to their meeting season. None the less the Kingdom of Baron requires help in fending off these dangerous fiends.
Word Count: 5000
Rewards: 1500 exp 800 gil

Spira Region
Hunt the Chocobo Eater
-Description: On the highroad there have been reports of a monster preying on our beloved yellow birds! Investigate this and put an end to the horrible creature.
Word Count: 2500
Reward: 600exp, 500gil

The Mist Region
Preparation for the Great Hunt
-Description: The great hunt is a festival in Lindblum which had competitors face off hunting fiends in the streets of Lindblum to determine who is the best. Obviously for this we require fiends....capture for us several low level monsters in the surrounding area to help keep our stocks full.
Word Count: 3500
Reward: 900 exp, 400 gil, Hunter's Pass.  

Galbadia Region

Theft at the King’s Tomb
-Description: Someone or something has entered the Unknown King’s Tomb, rumors have it, they are looking for an ancient artifact Brothers is supposed to be guarding. Galbadian specialists along with police officers have been sent to investigate the place, but have not returned from the Tomb, a request has been made available globally for adveturers willing to risk entering the place with no further information as Galbadia Garden students have gone missing as well.
-Word Count to Complete: 5,000
-Requirements: 2+ PCs
-Rewards: DM Storyline if interested, 750 EXP, 500 Gil, Family Pocket Watch

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PostSubject: Re: Quest Board   Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:53 am

Quest Board updated
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PostSubject: Re: Quest Board   Sun Nov 24, 2013 8:14 pm

I'm...going to sign up for the blind date that does not seem to exist on here yet. Sounds fun.
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PostSubject: Re: Quest Board   Sun Nov 24, 2013 8:20 pm

Blind Date such is it is..!

Character Stats
Class(s): Lucavi / Warlock   Level: 10
::=:: HP 950   ::=:: MP 1100 ::=:: Strength: 700 (+75 when Crystal Katana is active) ::=:: Defense: 600 (+75 when Crystal Katana is active)::=:: Magic 600 ::=:: Speed: 700 ::=:: Magic Defense 500
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PostSubject: Re: Quest Board   Sun Nov 24, 2013 11:07 pm

Well I WAS going to do Protect the Reactor, but... Blind date does look like fun.  Sign me up for a date!
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No Name

No Name

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PostSubject: Re: Quest Board   Tue Nov 26, 2013 3:17 pm

No Name's Job List:

  • Preparation for  The Great Hunt In Progress
  • Dangerous Dragons In Progress
  • Blind Date In Progress
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PostSubject: Re: Quest Board   Wed Nov 27, 2013 11:41 am

Active Quests:

  • Preparation for the Great Hunt- Activation Pending
  • Blind Date- Activation Pending

Queue Quests:

  • Guarding the Reactor- When back in Spira
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PostSubject: Re: Quest Board   

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Quest Board
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