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 Battle System

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PostSubject: Battle System   Battle System I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 19, 2013 3:05 pm

Stats Involved:

    Strength: Determines base damage without including weapon
    Defense: Determines how much damage you can negate from a PHS attack
    Magic: Determines base MAG damage without including weapon
    Magic Defense: Determines how much damage you can negate from a MAG attack
    Speed: Determines dodge rate

Battling with Stats
Battle would be turn based. Each person would get two actions per round ( increased to 3 if under the influence of haste, decreased to one if under the influence of slow). Strength would determine how hard you hit, the total damage being your STR divided by 10 + your weapon's damage rate. Same for magic.

    EX) Strength:5000
    Weapon: Longsword (+75)
    = 5000/10= 500+75
    DMG= 575

Defending works by taking your defense/mag defense stat divided by 10, against the opponents damage. Note you MUST guard for this to be taken into account.So example.

    Opponents damage: 575
    575-400 = 175 damage taken.

Note that if your opponents guard Def is stronger than your attack power, the difference between the two is taken off your HP as recoil damage.

Speed stat determines a couple of things, first which character acts first within a battle, secondly it determines how quickly a player can move both in battle and out of battle. This will reflect to both dodge rate, and the number of turns a character can take in one round. With dodge rate the character in question will be able to attempt an additional dodge attempt with every 1500 points in speed above the speed of their opponen (note that only one dodge attempt can be made per attack). A dodge attempt is done by making a dice roll with the dice marked "dodge" this will determine the success/failure of the dodge. Additionally with each 5000 points in Speed, a character is able to take an additional action in battle up to 4 max.

Battling with Elemental Stats:
There are varies creatures that are able to harness the elements to come to their aid. Some are made entirely of these elements, while others only utilize a small part of these energies when attacking. This is where Elemental Damage comes into play. While common sense would dictate that water can douse fire and fire can burn earth, some creatures/enemies may have an affinity or resistance to certain magic skills.

To calculate damage, the equation is as follows;

    If Resistant to an Element; Element dmg x .5 - Element
    If Weak to an Element; Element dmg x 2.5 - Element
    Affinity to an Element; Element dmg x 2.5 - Element (absorbed to HP)

HP and MP:
Health and Magic. One determines how long you live. The other how much magic you can cast. MP recovers at a rate of 5% per turn. HP requires items or magic to recover. Your starting class determines your HP and MP at creation.

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Posts : 229

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PostSubject: Status Effects   Battle System I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 19, 2013 3:07 pm

There are many effects of both magic and the enviroment that can effect how your character work. Some good. Some bad. Below is the registered list of statuses that can be inflicted on your character.

    Silence - Target is unable to use magic or magic-based CAs
    Blind - Target requires a successful roll to make future physical attacks, roll using dodge. If successful physical attack connects, if not it misses.
    Poison - For every post the target makes, they take damage equal to 1/32 of their max HP
    Slow - The total number of actions a target can take in a single turn is reduced by one
    Stop - The target can not take any action whatsoever. Only lasts a limited number of turns
    Doom - Target will instantly KO after a set number of turns
    Petrify - Target is will turn to stone after a set number of turns. Once stone, they can take no actions whatsoever, and may shatter upon receiving a physical attack, resulting in an instant KO
    Zombie - Target takes damage from restorative items and magic
    Protect - Physical Damage dealt to the target is reduced to 50%
    Shell - Magic Damage dealt to the target is reduced to 50%
    Reflect - All magic cast on the target is reflected, sent toward the opponent
    Regen - For every turn that passes, the target's hp is restored by 1/32 of max hp
    Haste - Target can make one additional action each turn

    Pain - Target is unable to use physical-based CAs (a reverse to Silence)
    Curse - Target is unable to use their Limit Breaks
    Aura - Target is able to use their Limit Breaks, regardless of whether or not they have met the requirements (whatever those requirements may be)
    Imperil - Target is now more susceptible to elemental attacks
    Nullification - Target is now more resilient to elemental attacks
    Status Break - One, or more, of the target's stats are reduced by 50%; Powerbreak, Armorbreak, Magicbreak, Spiritbreak
    Bravery - Target's Strength stat is increased by 20%
    Faith - Target's Magic stat is increased by 20%

    Burn - Target's flesh becomes tender, all physical attacks on the Target deal 10% more damage, all physical attacks by the Target deal 10% less damage
    Freeze - Number of actions target can take per turn is reduced by one, target's speed is also reduced by 25%
    Stun - Target's mind is jogged by the shock, magical attacks on the target deal 10% more damage, magical attacks by the target deal 10% less damage

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Battle System
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