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PostSubject: Character Races   Character Races I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 04, 2013 9:26 am

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Description: Humans are the most wide spread and are considered the most dominant race on Gaia. Human kind are not what would be called exceptional. However its their ability to learn and adapt quicker to situations and environments that have earned them their status on Gaia.

Species Skill
Adrenaline Rush:
For the most part the average human is both unremarkable. And incredible. The biology of the human race is precisely what led to humans being the dominant species on the planet. Their ability to adapt and survive is one of the key features of this race. Unfortunatly with advancements in technology humans have grown docile to growing threats. However the primal survival instinct against a harsh world remains. Resulting in this ability. When humans are threatened and in a situation which could result in the end of their life. A burst of chemicals is released in their body. Unlocking the true potiental of their bodies, normally held back for their own safety.
Effect: When at critical HP (Less that 20% of max), humans stats temporarily double.
Cocoon/Pulsian Humans:
This varient of the human race was bred by the Fal'Cie on Cocoon and Pulse. This type of human due to not being exposed to mako has no inborn ability to use magic. As of such all humans born in this catagory CANNOT use magic. And therefore do not start out with magic.  On the converse side of this however they are far more likely to be chosen by one of the Fal'Cie to be made a I'cie. Further details on this can be found on the Cocoon/Pulse board.

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Description: E-Humans, or enhanced humans are essentially human beings who have been changed somewhat whether it be through genetic experiments or some other change that has granted them powers beyond the normal ability of a regular human. The best example of an enhanced human is a member of the military group Soldier. However there are a variety of different groups. However as a result of their enhancement, they usually lose the adaptability of a regular human.

Species Skill:
Jump Start: Enhancement is normally not a process that is enjoyable. Enhanced humans are more powerful than their normal human counterparts. However at the same time certain parts of their biology, whether it be through science or magical means are changed so completely that the inherant ability to unlock the bodies true power is lost. However this is not seen as much of a loss by those who are enhanced. Seeing a power they have no control over as useless. Enhanced humans are stronger, faster and generally more capable than the average human. Sporting a wider range of inherant magical or physical abilities
Effect: Ehumans start off with either an additional slot to magic or combat abilities.

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Description: Elves are the pointy eared, long lived people of the forest. They are almost identical to human kind with few physical differences. An average lifespan for the normal elf is around x3 that of a human. Due to this long life they generally look down on humans as children. They have a distaste for cities and prefer the outdoors.

Species Skill:
Natures Fury: For as long as anyone can remember Elves have always been tied deeply to forests, to the earth. To nature itself. The race having a long standing history with natural earth magic. Herbal remedies and such. Their warriors, natural hunters, scouts and trackers. The Elven bond with nature is such that normally even wild animals won't attack unless provoked. Lately though this has begun to change. Almost as if the world can tell of the unnatural shift. The Elves have begun to reflect that. Becoming more reclusive than normal.

Lately those elves that have emerged from the forest do so armed with powerful magic to guard themselves. And devistate their opponents. These elves are known as the Tyr'oshie or in ancient Elven, the walking dead. It is thought that these elves were given the choice to stay with their people, or leave and face exile. The Tyr'oshie that wander Gaia are opponents not to be underestimated. Capable of channeling the fury of Gaia through their own bodies to wipe opponents out.
Effect: The elf enters a state in which nature channels its anger through them. This anger fuels powerful attacks, invoking a mode that allows them to deal 1.5 damagew damage to NPC opponents. And grants them access to a higher tier of magic. However this tier is limited to magic they currently own.  This mode lasts for 2 turns, at the end of which the Elf will take double damage for 2 turns.

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Description: The Cetra, aka the Ancients. Are the old people of the planet. This species is currently on the brink of extinction, with little less than 100 remaining alive. Cetrans can speak with the planet on occasions, and are naturally adept magic users.

Species Skill:
Planet Tongue: Cetrans have long been known for their ability to speak directly to the planet. This in turn allows them to communicate with those who have passed into the life stream and are currently dead. The ability to communicate with both the planet and the deceased has bbeeen a widely saught after tool for many generations. But with the ancients reaching near extinction, both them and their powers are fading into myth and legend.  Planet tongue can be used in a thread to obtain locations, information or even activate plot devices. The planet also may in turn choose to aid the cetran if it is requested. However these are by the whim of the admin.
Effect: Communicate with Planet
Planet Protector:
Effect: Cetrans automatically start with 2 magic slots.
Additional Information: Cetrans are a rare species, so spots are limited.

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Description: The Genomes are the strange monkey tailed artificial people of Terra. Originally designed to be the soulless vessels of the Terran people, after Terra was connected to Gaia the Genomes have become more of a normal sight on Gaia. Genomes are naturally adept climbers and acrobatics.

Species Skill:
Speed Freak: Genomes can automatically dodge a SINGLE hit during combat regardless of statistics

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Description: Natives are a name given to virtually any other species that exists on the other continents. Within this are examples such as the Viera, Dwarves, Guados, and the Ronso. Natives are naturally adept at fighting within their own home provinces. And as of such gain an experience boost from rping in their homelands.

Species Skill:
Natural Adaption: Natives gain an experience boost of 1.1x exp when rping in home continents

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Description: Unsent are the dead of the world who have returned because either they have unfinished business, or their sheer force of will keeps them chained to the mortal realm. Unsent are usually weak, because the majority of them are made up of spirits of those whose lives were taken before their allotted time. However there are those who are either driven by enough raw emotion, or strength that it has the opposite effect granting them incredible strength and virtual immortality.

Species Skill:
Farplane's Breath: An unsent is immortal. And as of such can only be truly defeated when a summoner sends them. Not to say that they cannot be defeated. Unsent are able to be defeated like any other living person through normal means. But they will not die. Merely escape to regenerate.
Farplane's Gift: An unsent is granted an upgrade to one of their magics or abilities upon Ascension.
Additional Information: Characters cannot start out as unsent. ( Unless in the case of Auron)They must die first, and be a member for long enough before Admin's will allow the change. Upon changing to an unsent all previous species skills are negated.

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Description: The Lucavi are an ancient race that do not belong on the mortal plane. In short the Lucavi are demons.Even in their weakest forms they are usually far more powerful than the average mortal. Lucavi are not born on this world, rather summoned through various means. Or even trapped here as a sort of punishment.

Species Skill:
Demonic Blood: Lucavi start off with a single level 2 ability or magic spell.Rather than the normal level 1

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Description: The first Iblis type was the Iblis 001 prototype made by M-Labs. The first truely aware artifical intellegence planted into a machine body. It was such a success that it spawned replicants, the Iblis 002, but due to its unstable nature and lesser AI production was halted on this type. A third type was in the pipe line with an AI that rivalled the original Iblis type, and with a similar body structure. These Iblis machines were mass produced. And activated pre-maturely by K's interaction with " The Mother" AI.

Due to having absolutely no downloaded programming whatsoever. These androids are rogue. and will believe they are simply whatever race their shell appears to be just with a case of amnesia. In reality though. Iblis are machines, perfect machines. Their "bloodstream" is a form of nanomachine which repairs damage to the body, artifical skin that appears normal but is actually far tougher than regular skin. A metal exoskeleton and muscle tissue that is similar to metal wire. Iblis are the perfect weapon.
Species Skill:
Nanite Regeneration: Iblis recover HP instead of MP during battle at the same rate of recovery.

Dermal Armour: Iblis skin is interwoven with kevlar fibers, whilst this makes no difference to its appearance. Any powerful impact against it will have significantly less effect. Iblis start with an automatic +50 to defense.

Non Organic: Iblis are non organic. Whilst this means they won't die from wounds that would usually effect organics. It also means that they have some drawbacks that organics would not experience. Due to being machines. Iblis rely on an internal manadrive to support their magic use. Since this drive is not supposed to take on high levels of magical power.  Iblis are limited to using only level 1 magic, Arcane magic is also unaccessable to them.
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Character Races
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