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 Power Grants Victory (Beast VS Plant Pt. 2)

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Karrl Garm

Karrl Garm

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Power Grants Victory (Beast VS Plant Pt. 2) Empty
PostSubject: Power Grants Victory (Beast VS Plant Pt. 2)   Power Grants Victory (Beast VS Plant Pt. 2) I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 01, 2013 1:30 pm

It has been about six hours after his victory against the large group of Grants. However, he had yet to waken. Even though Karrl had won it took a great deal out of him, pushing him past his limits. He had manage to defeat them, but, as soon as the adrenalin wore of, just after he left the Training Area, he had passed out. He had pushed himself to his limits, no, well beyond them, and it could have ended up more serious than what it actually did. Of course, Karrl, at the time of the fight, did not care, all he wanted to do was to defeat the Grants, and show he was powerful enough to do so.

Karrl was the type of guy not to listen to the warning signs his body had been giving him and just continued to fight and fight. He wanted to prove to himself, and to the people around him he was not the type of guy to take lightly. He was a relentless fighter; some might even say a berserker in his aggressive and relentless fighting style. That was the thing was Karrl, he could keep on going, for a short time at least even when he had reached his physical limit. It was this ability more that even his sword skill or his abilities with energy manipulation that could make him extremely difficult opponent to defeat.

Of course this was a long way off, true he was tough for a person at his power level, however it would be once he grew in power. The ability to push himself, passed his limits, to keep going where someone at his level could not, this was a skill that few people at his level had, which could be considered both a good thing and bad thing. This ability, well, it could also, quite possibly, make him a force to be reckoned with, once, as stated before, he reached that level of power.  However, until then, he would still need to train, and make sure he did not need to do something like that.

It was because of this that, well, it was a good thing, but at the same time a bad because, even if it was impressive, Never the less, it was also a dangerous thing. Being able to push himself beyond, could win him victories, however, not knowing when to call it quits, it would quite easy heighten the of risk him gaining serious injury when he could have retreated and avoided them. It was that that could make people think him reckless, maybe even a little foolish. Karrl was not stupid, despite what some people might think, but, at the same time, he was not the type of guy who could bring himself to treat unless he had no other options. Karrl was not stupid, but he was extremely proud.

The SeeD who had spoken with him just before he had passed out quickly had rushed him to the infirmary. Markus, the SeeD who had taken Karrl to the infirmary, had blamed himself for letting a recruit, even one as infamous as Karrl, go into a situation like that. It was an unknown situation; there had no real information about it, other than the reports of crazed creature. Even if it was just in the Training Area it could have been dangerous, even of a student with the potential of Karrl. It could have been worse than it had been.

What if it was not Grants he had faced, but a T-Rexaur. Markus knew little about Karrl, but, he knew enough to know there would have been a chance he would have fought the creature. Markus had spent a few hours there, by his side. He had not known why, but, something inside of him made him do it. It could have quite possibly been guilt that led him to stay at the guy’s side, even though he barely knew the kid outside of seeing him every now and again in the Garden, as well as the reputation he had with the other recruits. However, as soon as the nurse told him Karrl would be fine, he left, knowing that he would be better served helping out in the Training Area, just in case Karrl had missed anything. That had actually been three hours before hand.

Finally, after the six hours since he had arrived in the infirmary, he started to stir. His eyes slowly opened, however, the sudden amount of light that hit them snapped them shut once more out of instinct. Karrl reached for his forehead and groans as he rubbed it, as well at the bandages from the strikes to the skull he had suffered against the Grants. He ran his hand down his face before pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger, fluttering his eyes, trying to get himself use to the light once more. Once he had done this, which took him about a minute, he opened his eyes fully and slowly sat up, clutching his ribs slightly. He looked around, but felt a twinge of pain from his arm, where the gastric juices had burnt him. However, he said the strangest thing, “Where the hell am I?"

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Power Grants Victory (Beast VS Plant Pt. 2)
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