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 Vayne Val'Lion

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Vayne Val'Lion

Vayne Val'Lion

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PostSubject: Vayne Val'Lion   Vayne Val'Lion I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 30, 2013 10:54 am

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Vayne Val'Lion BIOBas2
Vayne Val’Lion




Thief / Treasure Hunter


Species Skill
Demonic Blood

||Current Lifepath:
 Current LPWC:0000

Chaotic Good

Home Continent:

How to describe his personality, well, first of, he is a little cocky. Due to his success to fail ratio when it comes to his jobs he thinks himself a master thief. However, he is not cocky enough to take a job that is a little out of his league, well, unless the pay was really something to drop his jaw. However, at the end of the day he is a treasure hunter and he will take a job if the pay is good enough, but, even so, he knows when he is not skilled enough to do a job, even though, more than likely, he would not openly admit it.

Alongside his cockiness he sees himself as a bit of a ladies’ man. He sees it as, he loves the ladies and they love him. However, this is another weakness of his. When he sees a pretty face his mind goes off the job, well most of the time. If someone wanted to get their hands on him all they would have to really do is send a beautiful woman his way and he will, well, let’s just leave it at that.

To round things off, Vayne, despite his cock and flirtatious nature is actually a very nice guy. He does not really like to fight, and believes the best way to not get hurt is not be there when the blade is swung. In fight or flight, he will, most of the time, chose flight and try his best to both get the job done and get the hell out of there. He is not a coward, but he would rather not have a blade stuck in him.

Vayne Val'Lion VayneAppearancePicture_zpsce5759ab

Mythril Claw: A weapon he, procured from a wandering martial artist whilst he slept. This is a gloved claw, the glove itself, fingerless, and made out of the finest leather. Attached the around the knuckles are three claws made out of Mythril. Even though he is not really a fighter, he still knows he needs a weapon.

Mask of Shadows: This mask, even though looking like a normal one, is in fact enchanted. Even though it does not give defensive of offensive bonuses like armour or some other magical items, the boosts to it are perfect for some who is a thief. The Mask of Shadows shrouds the user, when attempting to steal items from a target. All thief based Character Abilities gain a 5% bonus either by increasing the amount of Gil taken or chance for a rarer items stolen.

Treasure Map: This is another item he obtained by less than honest means. It is a map to a treasure hidden within the evil forest. This is a one use item that, when used, activates a quest called “The Golden Heart of Evil.” This is a DM quest and, even though the quest is custom the rewards as well as the treasure itself are determined by the DM involved.  

Vayne Val'Lion BIOstat

HP: 150
MP: 100

Split 1000 between below

  • Strength: 150
  • Defense: 200
  • Magic: 150
  • Magic Defense: 200
  • Speed: 300

Vayne Val'Lion BIOABIL
Combat Abilities:
Slots are determined through race and class. If class or race doesn't add any additional slots then the base number is 1. Combat abilities are abilities that for the most deal physical damage or weaken the opponent in some way ( power break).However some combat abilities may be magic based. Combat abilities are created by you. At the start you may only create a level 1 combat ability( ies) - unless you are a Lucavi-. Each level of ability is stronger than the last. Level 1 being light damage, Level 2 being Medium, and level 3 being strong. Level 2 and 3 abilities can only be obtained by upgrading your current ones with gained experience. Leave
Level 1 Slots:

Pickpocket {Active / Thief Skill}

  • Description: This is a technique any thief starting out will know. It is the ability to slip into a person’s pocket and obtain what is inside. If a thief cannot perform this simple ability, then they might as well not even attempt to be one.
  • Damage: No Damage Dealt
  • Additional Effects: Pickpocket gives the user the chance to steal Gil from 1 target, with a 5% increase due to his Mask of Shadows.
    MP Cost: Leave Blank

Level 2 Slots:

Pickpocket II {Active / Thief Skill}

  • Description: This technique is like the previous level, however, it shows that Vayne has become more adept at the ability. Where before he could only retrieve Gil from the pocket, or remove a person’s purse from their belt, this shows that he can do a little more than that, but, not at the same time.
  • Damage: No Damage Dealt
  • Additional Effects: Pickpocket II gives the user the chance to steal either Gil or an item from 1 target. Due to his Mask of Shadows there is a 5% increase in the amount of Gil he steals or a 5% higher chance for him to steal a rarer item. Note, at this level, he does not steal both, when using the skill state what he is attempting to Pickpocket.
    MP Cost: Leave Blank

Level 3 Slots:
Insert Tech Name here

  • Description: Technique description
  • Damage: Insert a suggested figure, ensure it retains to the limitations of the level. Admin will present a finalised damage value dependant on your characters stats and level of training with weapon.
  • Additional Effects: Does it add any status ailments/ buffs? ( note this may effect damage and MP costs)
    MP Cost: Leave Blank

Limit Gauge: 0%
Smoke Bomb {Thief Skill}

  • Seeing that he has taking a beating he knows he has to pull out something from his bag of tricks. He pulls and through a smoke bomb, which has a cocktail of damaging ingredients inside of it.
  • Damage: Deals 75 base damage to 4 foes.
  • Additional Effects: The smoke bomb also may inflict the blind, poison and slow status effects. Due to the Mask of Shadows, the chance of inflicting each status effect is increased by 5%

Magic is the power of the ancients, the ability to use the powers of the planet to heal or even to damage. Unlike combat abilities magic abilities cannot be made. Magic is premade and is listed under magic. At creation each character starts with a single magic slot, this is increased depending on race or class. A list of availble magics is in the appropriate thread. Level 2 and 3 magic abilities can only be learned if you have the corrisponding lower level spell.

Level 1 Slots

Blind: Inflicts the Blind status effect on 1 foe. Cost: 30 MP

Level 2 Slots

Level 3 slots

Summonings are powerful magical spirits that will aid your character in combat. You can't start with any. So leave this blank for now.

[Leave as blank]

Vayne Val'Lion BIOhis
Born in Lindblum, his life almost ended before it even began. His parents, after years of trying were finally about to have a child. However, that child was still born. In a despiteration they called out to whoever, or whatever would listening, begging to spar their child, someone answered. A demon came to them and offered them a deal, he would bring the child back to life, but, he would no longer be human, but, like him, a demon. The parents agreed to this, but little did they know what the cost truly was.

Over the first six years the child, they named Vayne, and his parents lived happily, however, as time went on, the child seemed to get healthier, but the parents, they became weaker. The true cost of the deal was not the fact that Vayne, their son, had become a demon, but, to truly keep him alive and healthy a secondary cost had to be paid. The reason why the parents were weakening was, due to the deal, their son was stealing their life-force. In order for Vayne to live, they had to die. So, on his sixth birthday he went to wake them, but they did not.

Scared about what had happened Vayne fled from his parents chambers and into the streets, on those streets he would find what his life truly was meant to be, and what he was to become. Not long after he had fled he was aided by a small group of children who had banded together to survive, they were to become his new family. Over the years he spent with them, he found that he was a lot nimbler than the other, both with his feet and his fingers, so, he took it upon himself to steal so he could get enough Gil to feed the others.

During his time with the group he found himself liking being a thief, but, he wanted more. Until recently he did not know what that more was, so, until he could figure out what he truly wanted, he continued to steal, not only to feed the others, but to line his own pocket with a few Gil as well. He may had been the youngest, but, up to the point where most of them found their own ways to feed themselves, by both legal, and illegal means, he might have just been the most important part of the group. He spent his time with them, until he was sixteen, by then, all of them had either died, found jobs, or joined criminal organisations.

At sixteen, he had earned enough Gil to get transport to Alexandria, since, it seemed that the others did not need him anymore, that, and Lindblum’s authorities were getting a little too close for comfort. However, before he left, he was approached by one of the older members of the group. He told him thanks and said, without him, a lot more of them could have died. He then pulled something out of his pocket, a mask. He told Vayne that he found it in a small shop and they said, it supposedly belonged to a master thief. It had cost him all of his spare Gil, but, it was a way to repay him for what Vayne had done for the group over the years. Little did he know what he had just given Vayne.

So, mask in hand, he made his way to Alexandria. Over the years, he continued to do what he did best, but, with the mask, he found it much easier to do it, and get away with doing it. One day, he had been making a little trip to outside the city, when he came across a sleeping man. He smiled, thinking it was an easy target. So, with that in mind he snuck quietly around the camp, and stole whatever he could get his hands on. What he had found was a few good items, some Gil, but there were two things he had found that were of real notice.

The first of them was a clawed glove of the finest quality leather and, to his surprise, the claws were made out of Mythril. The second item was a map. When he got back he had the map checked out, and he was told, it was a genuine treasure map, unfortunately it was in the Evil Forest. That had been a month ago, and, he had finally decided that he would go and hunt for the treasure, and with that decision he knew what that more was, he had wanted so long ago, he wanted to earn his Gil, to become a Treasure Hunter.  

RP sample:
All his life he had spent in either Alexandria or Lindblum, he thought he would be there for a lot longer as well. However, due to a little dip into a courier bag he had found out there was someone in need of a thief. The cash was something he could not turn his nose up at.

So, sneaking onto transport he went to Esther and picked up the contract, and, yet again, sneaking onto another transport he was on his way to Midgar. He could not believe, it, just by chance he had visited two of the biggest techno cities in Gaia, and he was about to take on his first big score.

That was about two days ago, and he was currently in a place they called Sector Six. He found out, if he wanted to sneak into Shinra, his target, going through there was the best way to go about it. It had taken him a lot of digging, and a little bit of stealing, but he was ready to go.

He had found out, the most direct route to get up to Shinra Inc was climbing up a massive wall, and, he had just reached the wall he had been told about. As he stood there he looked up the wall and smirked, “Well, time to make my mark on this world.” With that he started to make his climb.

The climb itself was tougher than he had thought, but, he had managed to do it, quickly enough, using his naturally agility to make light work of some of the parts. As he reached the top of the wall he kept himself hidden, but at the same time, making sure he could get a good view of the area. As he hid there he smirked again, “Time to get to work.”

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