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 Karrl Garm - The Beastman of Balamb

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Karrl Garm

Karrl Garm

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PostSubject: Karrl Garm - The Beastman of Balamb   Thu Nov 28, 2013 10:57 am

Karrl Garm




SeeD Recruit


Species Skill
Jump Start: +1 CA or Spell.

||Current Lifepath: To become a high ranking member of SeeD / To find and take revenge of the mages who killed his parents.
 Current LPWC:0000

Chaotic Good

Home Continent:

This young man is a complicated one. By most standards he is quite laid back, and will not give a second thought to just chilling under a tree somewhere. But there is also another side to him, and this side can come out in the most random of situations, two words, Adrenalin Junky.

He loves the thrill of doing something daring to the borderline point of crazy. He has been asked on a number of occasions, after doing some of these things, if he had a death wish, and his response was always the same, what’s the point in living without taking a few risks.

That pretty much sums up Karrl, but there is a third side to him which will come out now and again. The third side he has is the side of a philosopher. When the mood takes him he can be a very deep and meaningful person, and when the time is right he might come out with a saying or two which would make most people stop to think about it. To put it simply, and in words Karrl has said before he can go from a scatterbrain to a philosopher in philosopher in 0.5 seconds.

Distinctive Features: Karrl has several distinctive features, due to what happened to him a few year back. The first of them are his ears, at first glance they look normal, however, when he pulls his hair back, the top of them are pointed and elongated. The second distinctive feature is his canines, which are slightly elongated. The third is his eyes, they look normal up to the point of his pupils, which are in fact slitted. The final distinctive feature is his nails, which are slightly longer, curved and point, they have changed from nails to claws.

General Appearance: Karrl’s physical appearance is that of someone who has spent all of their lives training to be a warrior, or, in his case, a member of the elite mercenary force of Balamb Garden, SeeD. Standing at 6ft and weighing in at 186lbs he is can be an intimidating figure. When it comes to facial features, outside of the “mutations” given to him through the events that gave him his powers, he is an attractive young man. His crimson red eyes and intense and bright, with a strong jawline and high cheekbones, and, when it comes to his smile, it is sly, cheeky and extremely striking. With his facial features, he has a muscular frame covered in olive coloured skin.

Day to Day Clothing: When it comes to his day to day clothes, he wears a long, red, leather trench-coat. On the back of the trench he has in fact got the symbol of Balamb Garden. Underneath the coat he wears, on his upper body, a skin-tight, tank-top, normally black in colour. Along with that he wears a pair of fingerless leather gloves, like the tank top, black in colour. Around his neck he wears a silver pendant of a wolf’s head on a thin, silver chain. His lower half is covered in a pair of leather trousers, red in colour. Along with that he wears a black belt, and a pair of black, shin high boots, which are worn over the trousers.

Battling Attire: In battle, he keeps the boots, trench-coat and pendant, however, everything else has changed. His skin-tight tank-top and leather trousers are replaced by the official SeeD uniform. His fingerless leather gloves stay fingerless and leather in material; however, he wears a pair of studded ones instead of normal ones. Underneath the clothing he wears, on his upper body, a pair of bracers, and on his lower body a pair of shin guards. Finally he wears his, long silver hair, tied up into a thick knotted braid, and wears a leather half mask.


Wolf’s Fang: This is a sword boarding on a broad sword. The style is quite interesting. The sword itself looks almost exactly like the Venitian Schiavona Except for the fact his is in fact a single handed sword and not a double handed one. Along with that they handle itself is wrapped in black leather, and is made out of polished steel. (Level 0) (No Bonuses)

The Heart of Canis: The Heart of Canis is a pendant, which is shaped like a heart, with barbed wire wrapped around it, in a cross fashion, with a single sword running through it down the middle. Even though looking like a normal metal pendant, it is in fact the manifestation the combined energies of both Karrl and Canis. Even though lying dormant at the moment, when it awakens, it will grant defence against magical attacks. (This pendant will grant a 25*LVL boost to his Magical Defence)[Non Active]

Reinforced Trench-Coat: Even though looking like a normal red, leather trench-coat, it has been reinforced in certain area. Even though not as effective as a chestplate, his coat has been reinforced enough to actually give him some benefits when it comes to defence. His reinforced trench-coat gives him +50 Guard.


HP: 200
MP: 050

  • Strength: 250
  • Defence: 125
  • Magic: 250
  • Magic Defence: 125
  • Speed: 250

Combat Abilities:
Slots are determined through race and class. If class or race doesn't add any additional slots then the base number is 1. Combat abilities are abilities that for the most deal physical damage or weaken the opponent in some way ( power break).However some combat abilities may be magic based. Combat abilities are created by you. At the start you may only create a level 1 combat ability( ies) - unless you are a Lucavi-. Each level of ability is stronger than the last. Level 1 being light damage, Level 2 being Medium, and level 3 being strong. Level 2 and 3 abilities can only be obtained by upgrading your current ones with gained experience. Leave
Level 1 Slots:

Screech (Magic}

  • Description: Using his abilities in energy manipulation he increases his vocal output to high levels. After he does this he lets out a massive, ear splitting screech striking at his foes with the enhanced sonic energy wave.
  • Damage: This attack deals 100 base damage to 1 foe.
  • Additional Effects: No additional effects.
    MP Cost: 35

Spinning Back-Thrust {Attack}

  • Description: As the target comes into charge Karrl spins around so his back is facing the foe he brings his blade around. Just as  the foe is amount of make contact he thrusts his blade under his shoulder and into them, aiming for around the target’s chest.
  • Damage: Deals 100 base damage to 1 foe.
  • Additional Effects: No Additional Effects
    MP Cost: 35


Fire Strike {Magic}

  • Description: Karrl knows a thing or two about elemental magics, most of all, fire. Using the spell Fire he coats his blade in the flames before swinging his sword out sending out the flames from his blade in an arching wave.
  • Damage: Deals 50 base damage to 3 foes.
  • Additional Effects: Fire Element Damage.
    MP Cost: 50


Level 2 Slots:
Insert Tech Name here

  • Description: Technique description
  • Damage: Insert a suggested figure, ensure it retains to the limitations of the level. Admin will present a finalised damage value dependant on your characters stats and level of training with weapon.
  • Additional Effects: Does it add any status ailments/ buffs? ( note this may effect damage and MP costs)
    MP Cost: Leave Blank


Level 3 Slots:
Insert Tech Name here

  • Description: Technique description
  • Damage: Insert a suggested figure, ensure it retains to the limitations of the level. Admin will present a finalised damage value dependant on your characters stats and level of training with weapon.
  • Additional Effects: Does it add any status ailments/ buffs? ( note this may effect damage and MP costs)
    MP Cost: Leave Blank


Limit Gauge: 0%
Explosion of Rage. (Magic}

  • The fury inside of him reach such levels that it becomes a tangible force. When harnessing the rage inside of him he lets it loose in an explosion of pure fire. However, is left weakened afterwards.
  • Damage: Explosion of Rage deals 150 base damage to all foes.
  • Additional Effects: Fire Element Damage. Karrl loses 25% of his magic statistic for every 3 target he hits for 3 turns after this limit break is done. Has the chance of damaging his own party member.


Magic is the power of the ancients, the ability to use the powers of the planet to heal or even to damage. Unlike combat abilities magic abilities cannot be made. Magic is premade and is listed under magic. At creation each character starts with a single magic slot, this is increased depending on race or class. A list of available magics is in the appropriate thread. Level 2 and 3 magic abilities can only be learned if you have the corresponding lower level spell.

Level 1 Slots
-Fire: Deals 50 base damage to 1 foe with the element of Fire. Costs: 10 MP.

Level 2 Slots

Level 3 slots

Summonings are powerful magical spirits that will aid your character in combat. You can't start with any. So leave this blank for now.

[Leave as blank]

Born and raised in Balamb, more specifically Balamb Garden. He is the son of not one but two members of SeeD, so, he knew, before anything else, what he wanted to be, a future member of SeeD. He was young when he started to train how to fight, even before he actually started to train to become a member of SeeD his mother taught him how to fight. First of all he trained with a short blade, then a long blade.

His life was a good one, until one day. His parents had been sent out on a recon mission, due to the fact there were a group of mages who seemed to be causing trouble, but, the local governing body did not have enough information to move in on them. On the recon mission, his parents got caught, and were killed. When Karrl found out he was distraught, and vowed to take vengeance, since, to make matters worse, the group of mages escaped and had not been seen since.

Outside of training with his weapon he went heavily into training to fight mages, that was when he found out about energy manipulation. He started to study the art, and found himself naturally talented in it. However, even with his blades and the skills he was learning from energy manipulation, he believed it was still not enough, he wanted more power, he would be strong enough to fight and kill the mages who had killed his parents.

One day, as he read through the library at the garden, which he had read just over half of the books in it, he found a book on summoning and making deals with powerful creatures. He read through the book and warned that this practice was frowned upon in most nations. Never the less, he found himself intrigued by the notion, and believed that, it could be the final key for his vengeance against the mages that killed his parents.

So, that night he went through the ritual, and was approached by a powerful wolf spirit called Canis. The deal was, Canis would lend him his power, if Karrl would become a host for him, the deal was struck. The first thing Karrl noticed, after the searing pain of having his soul bonded with the great wolf spirit, was the power that coursed through him. As he washed his face trying to help pass the pain he saw the second differences, the physical changes that happened to him. He had to admit, he was surprised by the changes, but, in his opinion, they were not that bad. However, this was far from  over.

The next day when attending classes, he couldn’t help but notice the stares and gasps he got. When he entered his first class before he even got into the room fully his professor sent him out and ordered Karrl to go to the Headmaster. When he arrived at the Headmaster’s office, Cid was about to ask what he could do for him, but, as soon as he saw Karrl he started to verbally tear into him. However, when Karrl explained why he had done it the rage turned to sympathy. Cid then said he would allow Karrl’s studies to continue, but they would be keeping a close eye on them. That was two years ago.

Even though his personality did not change, much, there was the fact that he gained an anger management problem. It was nothing major, but, it was clear that, when he was set off, that rage seemed to fuel his physical strength. So, even with the anger issues, there did not seem to be much that could be considered a problem, and so, even though he was two years older than most of the other recruits, they said he was ready to take his final exams, but, what will the future hold for the Beastman of Blamb?

RP sample:
As the door opened Karrl felt the coldness of the wind coming from the icy staircase. He looked at Luna and gave her a quick nod before pulling out the ruby and placing it in his pouch. As he stood there he cling to a strange primal looking pendant around his neck before he muttered, “Canis, guide my steps.”

With that he let go of the pendant and made his way, carefully up the staircase, making sure both Luna, and himself, made it up without incident. The staircase, if at all possible, was even more treacherous than he had thought it would be.

When he, and Luna had made it up the stairs of ice, he looked around and thought about what it could mean. He took notice of the sky which seemed to go on forever, and the surroundings, including the three items on the other side of the cavern.

Making his way forward he stopped as he heard a voice telling him he could only pick one. He knew he would have to chose wisely, if he wanted to make it past the next area, so, for a while, he looked at the three items. He wanted to instantly go for the pickaxe, but, he knew he should not be hasty.

Thinking on the matter he knew the pickaxe and the snow boots would both be useful, but, he was still unsure. This tower was testing him, and he knew, sometimes, the obvious answer is not always the correct or most prudent one.

Finally making up his mind he picked up the bottle of blue liquid and placed it in his pouch. He then looked up at the sky and took in the smells around him, his keen senses helping him do so. At that point in time, he was waiting for the command to go forward.


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PostSubject: Re: Karrl Garm - The Beastman of Balamb   Thu Nov 28, 2013 11:23 pm

Just a heads up, Vit-0 isn't a status effect here. So other than that it looks ok, just fix that and we'll be sorted.
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Karrl Garm

Karrl Garm

Level : 1
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PostSubject: Re: Karrl Garm - The Beastman of Balamb   Fri Nov 29, 2013 4:18 am

Edited, just a heads up, I turned the Vit-0 status effect stipulation to Karrl losing 25% of his magic statistic for every 3 targets he hits, for 3 turns after the limit break has been used.
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PostSubject: Re: Karrl Garm - The Beastman of Balamb   Fri Nov 29, 2013 10:13 am

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PostSubject: Re: Karrl Garm - The Beastman of Balamb   

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Karrl Garm - The Beastman of Balamb
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