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 Arianna Milatovich

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Arianna Milatovich

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PostSubject: Arianna Milatovich   Arianna Milatovich I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 12, 2013 3:13 pm

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Name: Arianna Milatovich

Survival Ratio:

Race: Cetran

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Profession: Unemployed

Class: Scientist

Species Skill:
Planet Tongue
Planet Protector

Planet Chosen

Organisation: M-Labs

Alignment: Neutral

Home Continent: Cetra Continent

Cold, logical and highly reasonable. Arianna learned from a young age that the way to advance in this world was with the strength of the mind instead of the strength of the body. She's usually pretty calm, curious and interested in every little thing she's able to see. She has high analytical senses and will probably never involve feelings into decision making.

Arianna is a bit demented though, years and years of listening to the planet has made her paranoid, crazy and extremely volatile. She might be happy and dandy one moment and very violent and terrified the next. Her work, her research and the way she handles herself in any laboratory environment are her greatest joys and will usually spend a lot of time sorting out whatever she might find in there.

Arianna is a rather tall, slim female. She stands at 5'8 and an average weight between 120-130 pounds. This is because her paranoia and dedication to work tends to make her body gain or lose weight depending on the load of work she's handling.

She has bright blue eyes, though they change to a light gray when she's angered or annoyed. Her hair reaches her waist, and is colored a bright pink, waving slightly at the curve of her rear. She has a rather medium chest, but it really is never visible due to the lab coat she constantly wears.

- Lab Coat
- Lab Glassware
- Microscope
- Materia Container
- Omnistick! [Level 5] [+500 Magic, +375 Strength][Weapon Ability: Soul Burn]
- 8,450 Gil
- 5 Hi-Potions
- Crystal Fragment [KEY ITEM]


Level: 9
HP: 800
MP: 1,200
Strength: 800 (+375 Omnistick!)
Defense: 550
Magic: 700 (+500 Omnistick!)
Magic Defense: 550
Speed: 750

Combat Abilities:
Level 1 Slots:
Cyber Eye
Description: As the name suggests, this is simply a powerful cybernetic enhancement to the eyes, allowing for much faster reaction time. This ability may be granted to others.
Damage: N/A
Additional Effects: +500 Speed while Dodging.
MP Cost: N/A

Critical Strike!
Description: An extension of the Cyber Eye ability, this ability allows the user to identify the enemy's weak spots and hit them where it hurts.
Damage: +200
Additional Effects: None
MP Cost: 0

Power of Mako ( Level 1)
Description: Using her Cetran abilities to communicate with the planet, Arianna summons a small portion of the life stream to shower her allies with mako energy providing them with short but powerful boost to their statistics.
Damage: 0
Additional Effects: All allies +100 to all stats for 3 turns
MP Cost: 40

Time of Ruin
Description: Through researching the Fal`Cie Arianna has learned to replicate some of the magical energies that it was harnessing through her newly upgraded gun. Gathering up a lot of powerful non elemental magic at the barrel of the gun. Arianna pulls the trigger and unleashes a barrage of magic similar to the Goetia Fal`Cie Samuel.
Damage: +150 Magic Damage. All Enemies.
Additional Effects:
MP Cost: 100

Spiritual Focus [Reward Ability (not factored into exp costs or CA cap, cannot be upgraded)]
Description: Spiritual focus is an ability usually taught by the warrior monks of Yevon, allowing people to tap into hidden reserves of power. As a cetran warrior Zero had mass reserves of spiritual energy. By studying his body M found a way to directly link this with the spiritual power of another Cetran. Increasing their power greatly. For a short period of time during activation Arianna will only take half damage from attacks, and will deal 30% more with her magic.
Damage: N/A
Effect: Reduces damage from attacks by 50%, and increases magic damage dealt by 30% for the next three turns after this ability is activated.
MP Cost: None, can only be activated once per battle.

Level 2 Slots:
Pillar of Judgement
Description:Through researching the Fal`Cie Arianna has learned to replicate some of the magical energies that it was harnessing through her newly upgraded gun. Gathering gire elemental magic at the barrel of her gun she fires it into the air. A powerful pillar of fire will then rain down from the sky engulfing a single opponent like the Fal`Cie Samuel.
Damage: +500. Single Target.
Additional Effects:
MP Cost:300

Level 3 Slots:
Insert Tech Name here
Description: Technique description
Additional Effects:
MP Cost: Leave Blank

Weapon Abilities
Soul Burn
Description: The connection between Arianna, her weapon and the life-stream has allowed her to attack the life essence itself in her enemies.
Damage: N/A
Additional Effects: Arianna's attacks/Spells deal an extra 5% of the opponents max HP as bonus damage.
MP Cost: Leave Blank

Racial Evolution
Tier 1: Path of the Nephilim
Eye of the Storm
[*] Description:Lucavi are powerful. Iblis are powerful. When both of them learn to fear this small Cetran girl? Then you've got a nightmare on your hands. Arianna's mind is her weapon, a constant storm of thoughts and ideas, combine this with the planets voice and a natural affinity for magic? Well shit you've got yourself an off the wall bonkers bonafied mad scientist with powers beyond normal man. As things stand Arianna's evolution is a combination of magical infusion with cybernetics, resulting in an evolution that makes her the planets best, and worst. Hope for the future.
[*]Effects:Exposure to mako and advanced magic has caused the cybernetics within her eye to advance, combining with the magic in a process known to the eastern empire as " Magitek". This Magitek within her body grants Arianna similar nanomachines as the Iblis, granting her a natural 5% regeneration to HP per turn, and boosting MP regeneration by another 5%. Additionally, this also enhances her physical and magical capabilities increasing her stats by +150 all round.

Scientific Research
Magical Mastery II[Black]
Long Range III
Alignment Neutral I
Hero of Bevelle: +2% SR, access to higher tier Yevon NPCs.

Level 1 Slots
- Cure: Restore 50 HP.
MP Cost: 80

- Life: Revives KO'd target at 10% max HP.
MP Cost: 510

- Quake: Deals 100 earth damage, flying enemies are immune.
MP Cost: 80

- Aero: Deals 100 wind damage, may harm caster as well.
MP Cost: 80

Level 2 Slots
- Quaka: Deals 300 earth damage, flying enemies are immune.
MP Cost: 180

- Aerora: Deals 300 wind damage, may harm caster as well.
MP Cost 180

Level 3 slots



“You want to know my story? Very well, I’ll tell you how it goes.” – Arianna

Long ago, a little child was playing on a grassy field, her big, blue eyes staring off at space looking up, wandering what it all meant to be standing there. Her fingers, slowly gliding through air, feeling up every single organism it came in touch with; the texture of the grass, the feeling of air flowing through them, the burning sun on her skin, everything and anything excited her. She fell on her back; waving her arms and legs at the spot she had been standing for more than half a day, her eyes set on the sky, that marvelous, huge, blue sky she so dearly loved. She was happy. She was…content.

It didn’t last though, she didn’t know why, she didn’t how but…her mind started playing tricks on her. Yes, you heard right, tricks that sounded like a joke; terrible warnings and images started pouring inside her head. Destruction, death, pain and suffering, screams, violence, helplessness, it was all there. Everything bad with the world had found its way into her mind, her hands tried and tried and tried to rip them out of her brain but, it was no use, she wasn’t happy anymore.

Once more, she stood at the grassy field, her big, blue eyes had turned a shade of grey, full of tears and regret, she didn’t know why those voices were so mean, why had they chosen her or what they actually where. She had no idea; all she wanted was them to stop. Her parents had run out of ideas, they had no way of knowing what was going on with her, little did they know she was a Cetran and that, well, those voices was the planet talking to her. But one man, yes, one man knew. He knew what she was and why she had those visions and he wanted her, he wanted her power and didn’t doubt on taking her.

He killed, oh yes, he killed. Her parents laid dead in her living room, but, she was not a child anymore. All those images, all those terrible, terrible dreams she had been having had made her…cold. She watched. Her eyes looked at her dead parents and she felt sadness strike her, but…she knew, this was better than what was coming, or at least that’s what the images had told her.
The man looked at her, he was happy, he was laughing at the cold blooded murder he had committed. But he didn’t know, oh no he didn’t, that the little girl he was trying to take was smarter than him, more dangerous than him and well, more demented than him. He attacked and failed, he fell asleep hurt by some solution she had made, medicine they say. She inspected him; she…dissected him, the curiosity, the…thrill of finding something new and exciting. Oh yes, he died, but he gave her that insight, that push she needed to leave that place and seek a stop, a way to avoid those images, oh yes, she wants to stop them and that’s why she does what she does best. Research. Someday, it will come, and she will be the one to put an end to it.

Fragment of Arianna’s Milatovich Diary. Found on Page 1.

RP sample:
She scratches her eyes, slowly opening those big, blue jewels she so often uses to see more than the simple, material form of what surrounds her. She’s on her underwear, pretty comfortable and careless, she doesn’t minds at all, after all, she’s all alone in this place. Arianna walks off bed still half asleep and stretches her arms and legs, noticing that her house is rather lonely. But…she’s never alone, is she? Those voices, those images come into her head, she remembers and gets mad, and drops to her knees as her eyes open wide in exasperation. She hates that man; she hates him, even though he’s already dead. Even though, thanks to him, she was able to achieve so much in her short life.

It’s been close to four years since she left her hometown to pursue her life as a scientist, Midgar has come as a blessing for her, so technologically advanced, the perfect place to make her research. She is never really bothered, questioned or even approached by many people that work with her, for them, she’s just another simpleton trying to make a living. Yet, they realize her potential, they know she’s far better than anyone they have met before, only limited by her volatile personality.

Arianna looks around, her angelical face looking rather happy, as her co-workers smile back at her. She walks by, heading into the lab, that place that feels like home to her, the only one where she can be herself and not be judged. Once there, the lab coat covers her slim body as she starts observing samples, she finds something intriguing, something that can definitively give a military advantage to any nation that possess her compound.

“Maurice, come look at this!” Arianna shouts to her co-worker, he quickly responds as he gets close to her microscope, staring on it, she grins. “Do you understand what this means? The solution we have made, mixed with the compound we had is starting to regenerate dead cells on a living body. The speed of regeneration rivals that of the Curaga spell, do you have any idea what this means?” She shouts excitedly, but her co-worker seems to shake in fear. He stares at her, perplexed at what she has just created.

“You…you did it! You did it Arianna!” He shouts as he stares at Arianna, he’s obviously excited and perplexed at the achievement she has created. “You have crafted a special stim pack that can recreate the effects of a Curaga spell in a heal over time drug! This…this is incredible!” Arianna looks proud, happy; she seems to be one step closer to her goal. But, she has no idea what’s about to happen next.

Her drug, the heal over time drug she had created, has aided a military offensive on the complete obliteration of a small town. Those voices, those images showed what it made. The soldiers injecting themselves with it, a few handful of them, raiding and destroying that little village, the screams, the pain, the blood dripping everywhere of the men trying to fight back those soldiers. But, no use, the drug’s effect is way too fast for them to be able to even out a fight. They are massacred, the women are raped, everything is obliterated and this operation was thanks to her discovery, thanks for her very own intelligence.

“Is this…the destiny I have chosen?” Arianna asks herself as she wakes up from the nightmare, finding herself in bed, sweating, crying and desperately trying to find something or someone to clinch, something that can show her the way.

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Arianna Milatovich
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