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 Arcturus Bedlam

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Arc Bedlam

Arc Bedlam

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PostSubject: Arcturus Bedlam   Arcturus Bedlam I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 11, 2013 8:09 pm

----Character Biography----

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Arcturus Bedlam


20 years old


Mage Apprentice

White Mage

Species Skill
Jump Start
1 additional magic slot

Magic Born


Chaotic Good.

Home Continent:

A little loud and very expressive, Arcturus is a talkative person who even though rarely violent about it, wont hesitate to express  what is on his mind even when confronted. A good willed person who naively believes can shape the world into a better place.

Arc is a person who tries to find the positive side of even the darkest situations, making him really hard to bring down emotionally.

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Arc is around 1.76 meters tall and weights 68kgs.

- Soulseeker:Slim silver sword which emits a ghostly blue light around the blade. Acts as a catalyst for Arc's spells. He may either launch or swing the blade charged with the spell of his choice.[Level 3][+425 Magic Damage]
- Book of Spells
- Pocket flashlight
- Honeybee Inn Membership
- 3 Hi-Potions
- 2 Ethers
- 1 Phoenix Down
- 2 Echo Herbs
- 7170 Gil
- Tome of The Grand Magisters (used)
- Goetia Crystal Fragment [KEY ITEM]
- Ghost Ring: Phase through a single attack, acting as an automatic dodge. Only usable once every 2 threads.

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Level: 8
HP: 600/600
MP: 1,650/1,650

  • Strength: 50
  • Defense: 350
  • Magic: 1600 [+425 Weapon Damage]
  • Magic Defense: 450
  • Speed: 450

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Combat Abilities:

Level 1 Slots:
Luminescent Shroud

  • Description: Arc surrounds himself with a shining barrier of light, imbuing his magical capabilities and offering resistance to spells.
  • Damage: None.
  • Additional Effects: The shroud increases Arc’s Magic score by 20% and reduces all incoming magic damage by 20%, the shroud lasts for 3 turns after activation.
    MP Cost: 30

Basic Magical Surge
Description: Arc’s Magical prowess has been developed to the point he emanates visible magical energy which forms an inclined ring around his body. This magical energy is seen as a faint blue and glowing mist. Arc can tap to this magical energy and cast spells without exhausting his own mana reserves. The surge of magic disappears whenever used and reappears after a while.
Damage: None.
Additional Effects: Arc casts a level 1 White or Black Magic spell he knows for 0 mp, this ability then cannot be used again for three of Arc's posts after being used. This ability can only be used to a maximum of three times per battle.
MP cost: 40

Level 2 Slots:

Advanced Magical Surge (Upgraded from Basic Magical Surge)
Description: The Magical Surge which envelopes Arc has developed a new stronger ring. The new mist ring has a different inclination angle than the lesser one and seems a little bigger. The new magical energy ring can be consumed for casting stronger Magic without exhausting Arc’s mana reserves.
Damage: None
Additional Effects: Arc casts a level 2 White or Black Magic spell he knows for 0 mp, this ability then cannot be used again for three of Arc's posts after being used. This ability can only be used to a maximum of three times per battle.
MP cost: 110

Solar Shroud (Upgraded from Luminescent Shroud)
Description: Further development of the original Luminescent Shroud has led Arc to create a superior version of the former, the soothing heat it emanates greatly empowers Arc's magical recovery. Visibly it now creates a yellowish heat emanating light around Arc's body.
Damage: None.
Additional Effects: The shroud increases Arc’s Magic score by 20%, reduces all incoming magic damage by 20%, and restores Arc's mp by 10% at the end of each turn. The shroud lasts for 5 turns after activation.This CA replaces and is replaced by Luminescent Shroud whenever either is activated.
Mp cost: Leave Blank

Level 3 Slots:

Nova Assimilation (Upgraded from Solar Shroud)
Description: As the Solar Shroud closes its end, it begins to emanate massive amounts of energy, just like a dying star. Arc is then able to gather this energy to completely renew his magical reserves. Visibly the shroud begins to dramatically expand and emanate shaky energy before being violently pulled inward to Arc and consumed instantly.
Damage: none.
Additional Effects: This CA can only be used while Solar Shroud is active and only on the last turn of its duration. Upon usage, this CA ends the currently active Solar Shroud. Additionally Arc recovers 100% from his max mp. This CA can only be used twice per battle.
Mp cost: 0

Magical Mastery Tier 3 (White Magic)
Hero of Bevelle: +2% Survival ratio, access to higher tier Yevon NPCs.
Marked for Death: Remnant NPCs will attack on sight, immunity to critical hits.
Good Alignment Tier I
Inhuman Attributes Tier I [Magic]
Racial Evolution [/]
Path of the Magister I
The Choosen

  • Description: As per the prophecy of the Grand Magisters. A leader is emerging, Arc's magical prowess has began to develop to such a level that the high level mages in Gaia are begining to take note of his accomplisments. Although perhaps more concerning to Arc as a person is that three month gap in his memory...for some reason he seems to have grown far stronger during that gap...but does that strength come with a cost?
  • Damage: None.
  • Additional Effects: Magic and MP +500
    MP Cost:


Level 1 Slots
-Thunder: +50 Magic damage, chance of inflicting Stun status.
 Cost: 60 mp
-Cure: +50 hp restore, single target
 Cost: 80 mp
-Protect: Causes Protect status on target for three turns.
 Cost: 190 mp
-Quake: +100 Earth damage, flying enemies are immune.
 Cost: 80 mp
-Haste: Haste effect on target for 3 turns
 Cost: 270 mp
- Shell: Causes Shell status on target for three turns.
 Cost: 60 mp
-Slow: Inflicts the Slow status on the target.
Cost: 30mp
-Life: Revives KO'd target to 10% max HP.
Cost: 70mp

Level 2 Slots
-Thundara: +200 Magic damage, chance of inflicting Stun status.
 Cost: 140 mp
-Quaka: +300 earth damage, flying enemies are immune.
 Cost: 180 mp
-Hastara: Haste effect on two targets for 5 turns
 Cost: 610 mp
-Cura: 200 hp restore to target party.
 Cost: 180 mp
-Slowa: Inflicts the Slow status on the target's entire party.
Cost: 140mp

Level 3 slots
-Quakaga: 700 earth damage, flying enemies are immune
 Cost: 400 mp
-Hastaga: Haste effect on target party for 7 turns
 Cost: 1340 mp

Arcane Slots
-Comet: 500 damage to entire target party
 Cost: 1050 mp



[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Arc’s past is surrounded by mystery and uncertainty. There was some time when he was a normal kid, but all that remains from those times are but blurry memories. Arc only remembers roaming the lands at the very ripe age of eight years old. He knew no family then, and knows no family as of today. His life as a child was rough to say the least. When he hit the roads his knowledge of the world was very scarce and therefore he was nothing but a stray child wandering through towns. He just knew one thing about his past, his name. Unaware of its origin, Arc had a lot of knowledge about white and black magic, something that proved to be not very useful when one has to survive by his own means. Nevertheless he discovered he liked magic a lot, enough to feel the need to pursue more knowledge.

Arc survived the first five years of his existence by pure luck. First he managed by strangers pity, receiving measly food in exchange of really hard work. With the passing of time he was known as a hard working kid, working really hard to obtain what he desired. He would sometimes attempt to make friends; however his interest in magic would often drive away his acquaintances, as most people in the villages would rather not quarrel with such topics. This kind of rejection made Arc feel uncomfortable, therefore he switched towns frequently, in search of a place where he could reach his dream of mastering magic.

By the time Arc hit thirteen years old his perception of the world had changed a lot, he switched his behavior to that of a thief. In heart Arc wished to do well to the world, research magic for a greater good. If “inoffensive” stealing could drive him to one day accomplish that goal; then there was no problem in taking some things now and then. His road took him to the great city of Midgar, its technological prowess was baffling, and it did not seem like a place where he would find much about magic. However, it was well known for being the biggest city in the continent, so if he could find someone who knew about magic, this had to be a good place right?

Arc’s way of procuring sustain usually meant stealing measly things without no one noticing, however Midgar was a really big city with a very large population, so he decided to exploit an ability he had since he was little. Somewhere along his journey, Arc discovered he was able to create light-like energy with his bare hands, and manipulate it to some extent, so when he stood himself before the crowd and created a few balls of light from nothing, people quickly started to gather around. He would weave the balls around his hands in exchange for a few coins. Among the strangers looking, an old man approached Arc; he offered him what the child had been waiting for all his life.

The man’s name was Dallben, he was an old wizard. The child had lucked out once more, as Dallben was very intrigued by the kid’s abilities, and offered him tutelage. Years went by and Arcturus grew into a young man, his love for magic untouched, and his character really far away from an ally of righteousness. A chaotic force of light, as his main approach of magic was of the white kind. His past still a mystery and his mission in this world yet to be discovered, Arcturus Bedlam starts his journey through the entropic journey of life.

RP sample:
Arc barely dodged the goblin attack. When Dallben sent him into the wild for his training exercise, Arc imagined he would be fighting mighty foes, not these pathetic squads of such weakling goblins, or at least that is how he felt like describing the creatures who currently sought his head. A short spear scratched his cheek. Cursing, the young mage jumped back, that cocky attitude was going to cause his death. He closed his eyes and placed his hands together, in the right position to conjure his next spell. Channeling the elemental energies from his raw will, a surge of energy invaded his body before releasing it through his right hand. Arc pointed at the goblin before him as a bolt of lightning came out of his index finger, charring the little creature on touch. The other goblins jumped in shock as they saw their fellow one fall in one shot.

“Ok, who’s next?” said Arc with a cocky smile imprinted in his face.

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Arcturus Bedlam
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