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 Chatbox Issue 11/07/2013

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PostSubject: Chatbox Issue 11/07/2013   Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:38 am

So, after reading through the chatbox I'm quite disappointed to say the least.So, here's the fallout


Last night was like reading a shitstorm, and that shitstorm had one constant at its heart, Sirxeko. Dude you are constantly causing issues by inviting arguments, questioning decisions (that haven't even been made) and generally just being a major douchebag. Theres a loveable asshat, and then theres what you've been doing. And last night was just too much, so for the following arguments

  • Basically calling Zola a freak for his/gf's sexual preferences
  • Engaging in a discussion/argument that I had given you THREE warnings about earlier in the day.

This is your punishment:

Level reduction by 5

After Thoughts
You are a good roleplayer, and I enjoy reading your posts. But shit you need to learn to keep whats in your head, in your head. Install a filter, and quit acting like you have any kind of authority.


I told you not to discuss it as well, and despite him baiting it. You gave into it, so punishment is due here too.

This is your punishment
Kinda hard when your bio isn't done yet, but I'll probably remove a few CA's from the finished product that I would have otherwise just reworked.

After thoughts
*pets head* Its ok, you are generally fine. Just try not to be baited.

Final thoughts to everyone
I think I've been pretty good with everyone, respecting opinions and stuff and even taking into account things you want to see for the site. But this kinda stuff I won't continue to tolerate. If we want new members I can't have my current ones breaking into an argument every time I look away. So next time this happens, theres not going to be a warning, pm each other with issues because if I see it again, I'm going straight to punishments.

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Chatbox Issue 11/07/2013
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