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 Eriol - Living Sickness

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PostSubject: Eriol - Living Sickness   Eriol - Living Sickness I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 04, 2013 9:04 pm

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Eriol Hiragawa

E-Human ( Living Cancer )





Species Skill
Jump Start: Enhanced humans start off with an additional slot to either magic or abilities.

Chaotic Neutral

Home Continent:

Eriol is a sickness - an all-consuming mutation, that has nothing in the way of empathy which often translates itself in to chaos. He is a spawn, not unlike the golems and doll creations of the Alexandrians, though he sprouts from a much more natural place. This leaves him often with a feeling of displacement - his nature is murderous to it's core, and so he murders as he feels he was made to do. He does not kill as an act of cruelty or a show of power - he simply does because it is what comes natural. He has never been exposed to another way of life. Combine that with a natural curiosity, and a lack of nonviolent instinct, leaves him as a practical Frankenstein, with all the potential therein.

It should be noted that he does not possess a soul, but he is excellent at mimicing emotion and other qualities. Perhaps, the only true 'emotion' he feels is curiosity, and that is more like a state of mind than anything else.

He takes no great pleasure from killing or hurting anyone, which is why he has taken on the role of 'blackguard', a person who will willingly murder, maim, torture, etc. in an event to protect a solitary goal, idea, person, place, etc.

If your character is part of an organisation?
||Current Lifepath:
 Current LPWC:0000


Plaguebringer ( Initial)

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Level 3
HP 700

  • Strength: 600
  • Defense: 400
  • Magic: 600
  • Magic Defense: 400
  • Speed: 500

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Combat Abilities:

Level 1 Slots:
Nature Runs A Course

  • Description: Passive, all status effects inflicted by Eriol cannot be cured until 3 turns following the initial infection.
  • Damage:N/A
  • Additional Effects: N/A

  • Description: Status effects inflicted by Eriol bypass normal immunities.
  • Damage: N/A
  • Additional Effects:N/A
    MP Cost:N/A

    Defensive Ailment
  • Description: If Eriol would take physical damage ( non-spell damage ), the person who inflicts the damage is afflicted with Poison. If Eriol would take magical damage, the person who inflicts the damage is affected with Silence.
  • Damage: N/A
  • Additional Effects: Poison Counter/Silence Counter
    MP Cost: 50mp Per Counter

    Progressive Virus
  • Description: Poison inflicted by Eriol is unnaturally potent, causing the character to take a 10% penalty to their physical damage for the duration.
  • Damage: N/A
  • Additional Effects: Those inflicted with poison by Eriol deal 10% less damage for poison's duration.
    MP Cost: Leave Blank

    Migrating Sickness
  • Description: Those who attempt to cure Eriol's poison will find themselves infected.
  • Damage: N/A
  • Additional Effects: Poison migrates through magic and medicine, people who attempt to cure it will instead take it onto themselves.
    MP Cost: N/A

Level 2 Slots:
Insert Tech Name here

    Progressive Virus: Stage II
  • Description: Those inflicted with poison now deal 20% less damage.
  • Damage:N/A
  • Additional Effects: N/A
    MP Cost: N/A

Level 3 Slots:
Insert Tech Name here

  • Description: Technique description
  • Damage: Insert a suggested figure, ensure it retains to the limitations of the level. Admin will present a finalised damage value dependant on your characters stats and level of training with weapon.
  • Additional Effects: Does it add any status ailments/ buffs? ( note this may effect damage and MP costs)
    MP Cost: Leave Blank

Limit Gauge: 0%
Overwhelming Contagion

  • Eriol's virulent energy is released in a blast wave around him.
  • Damage: +200 damage
  • Additional Effects: All biological creatures around him gain "Poisoned" status, including friendly characters.

Magic is the power of the ancients, the ability to use the powers of the planet to heal or even to damage. Unlike combat abilities magic abilities cannot be made. Magic is premade and is listed under magic. At creation each character starts with a single magic slot, this is increased depending on race or class. A list of availble magics is in the appropriate thread. Level 2 and 3 magic abilities can only be learned if you have the corrisponding lower level spell.

Level 1 Slots

Level 2 Slots

Level 3 slots

Summonings are powerful magical spirits that will aid your character in combat. You can't start with any. So leave this blank for now.


[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Perhaps an accident, perhaps not, Eriol was created by the Angel of Death, Dr. Louis Delafonte. An explosion of curative magics, and a perfectly dead body rose from the grave, days after it had been buried. The dead body, however, was not dead. Nor was it so much a body, as it was flesh and hair and bone. It took days of studying physical form to take one of it's own. The creature sprouted from the earth malformed, finally took on the figure of a lonely huntsman. The huntsman soon found himself not so lonely - in fact, a quiet, speechless, wide-eyed companion was he. A twin, no less, complete with a sword that matched his 'host'.

Though he did not speak much, he watched and processed as best he could. He learned to mimic speech and motion, learned to cognate phrases and ideas. Though his unwitting creator was gone, he was slowly but surely coming to understand the meaning of life insofar as a creature that did not have one of it's own could. Time passed - years in fact - until he was able to separate from his original foci. In doing so, he left a body behind - though the sword remained the same. It seemed that the metal itself was part of the earth that had been brought up with the cancerous ooze that Eriol had been, and could only change shape once.

Much like Eriol himself. The huntsman's dead body lie necrotic and decaying, while Eriol, who stole his face and physique and form moved on. It happened like that, often - he would come across individuals or groups, and he would leave them rotting away to nothingness. No malice, no ill intent, simply the thing he was ate away at the thing that they were.

It was not until he met a white mage, who was able to cure the maladies he inflicted unwittingly did he learn to control ( to some extent ) the things he did. He found that he did not necessarily have to kill the living things around him, nor did he have to permit it life, either.

He found he could make his contagion stronger, if he so chose. He eventually found a way to make it strong enough to overpower the white mage, in defiance of the healing ways she had possessed. Still, that did not make things much easier on him - after all, slowing his dreaded disease meant denying who it was. But, it allowed him to find something new and interesting. War.

He found himself at odds with his own psyche. On the one hand, he killed because it was his nature. On the other, living creatures killed for pleasure or purpose. Deriving no pleasure from the deaths of those he killed, he decided to ply for purpose instead. Though he found none of his own, he found surrogate purpose in the eyes and minds of mob bosses, guardians, lower royalty.

Until one day he found a name for his talents. "Blackguard."

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PostSubject: Re: Eriol - Living Sickness   Eriol - Living Sickness I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 04, 2013 9:26 pm

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Eriol - Living Sickness
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