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 Something Fishy (Mission)

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PostSubject: Something Fishy (Mission)   Mon Oct 28, 2013 8:37 pm

Required WC: 1000
Goal: Get rid of rotting fish by any means.

K138Y had been meditating on her boat ride to Luca and, as sometimes happened when meditating, found herself walking down a path of data. But this time it was different. Instead of a single path that guided her to something unique it was instead a plethora of the green binary paths and the decision was left up to her. The data was also readable now and it became quickly apparent that each path would lead her to a place in Spira. K138Y selected the Blamb path, her mind was still focused on the fact that Sin was headed there so it seemed appropriate. Taking the Blamb trail lead to another crossroads, K138Y didn't know the names of any locations in Blamb so she went with the path that said Blamb again. As the trail ended the black and neon colors of the virtual space faded away as they opened up to a small home. The change was progressive, not instant. But once the transfer was completed it was clearly a home and K138Y had seemingly walked right out of their television. She was clearly here, wherever here was, but when thinking about it she could feel that she was indeed also back on the ship in Spira. Some new ability allowed her to be in both at the same time. The house was empty right now so she let herself out the front door.

She walked out on a cobbled street and, after asking around, found herself to be in Blamb Village. It was kind of nice to not be looked at with fear or contempt like she was often viewed in Spira. Though she did get many odd looks as robots walking through cities wasn't normal. From the docks of the village she couldn't see any sign of Sin but the waters were anything but calm. Something out there was causing a disturbance and no one who owned a boat was willing to leave port. K138Y decided to head to a local drinking hole and see what she could dredge up to provide help. Still there wasn't anyone willing to join her in attempting to stop Sin.

But there was someone looking for help, a business man. Apparently a large shipment of fish spoiled and it needed disposing of. Sure it wasn't the kind of job that bettered the world or saved lives, but to this guy and this Village it mattered. That made it important in its own way and therefore important for someone aspiring to be a summoner of Yevon who helped the people then even more important for a person aspiring to be a summoner for the world over. K138Y went to shake the hand of the man and accept the job but her hand went right through the guy. He was a bit freaked out, understandably since ghosts were not a laughing matter, but she assured him she was no threat and wanted nothing more than to help out. He calmed down but seemed a cross between wary and happy. Guy probably thought she was some omen angel spirit thing sent to help him or something. But either way she went to do the job. The man led her back to the docks and showed her the shipment. It was a single, rather large, crate and the smell stank to high heaven.

Using a set of dollies and her strength, K138Y was able to push the fish out of town and across an expansive field all the way to the Fire Cavern. K138Y had actually wanted to combine this job with another when she had first heard of it. Using the stinky fish to lure out the fire elementals, as well as probably every other fiend, out of the Fire Cavern in order to easily kill them with a quick summon or two. But not only had the other job already been taken, it was bad manners to swipe a job from a fellow adventurer, she had also found her summons to be unavailable. Apparently whatever she did to get here limited her abilities. Luckily it also kept living beings from touching her, which included all of the field fiends who's attention was caught by the rotting fish. Even luckier was that they lost interest after finding they couldn't touch her and simply wandered away. Apparently not even these fiends wanted to eat the horribly rotted fish. K138Y counted her blessings that her sense of smell could be deactivated. It did not keep them from wanting to destroy the crate however and she regularly needed to lure Fiends away before giving them the chance to loose their interest. She found herself realizing just how much she relied on her summons and abilities and wondered if she would ever be able to hone this new found ability to allow her a complete transfer, skills, summons and all. Undeniably the task would be much easier if she were at least able to touch people or really even just fiends.

Upon getting to the cavern she found the crate to not quite fit the dimensions of the cave entrance, but only barely. Using brute strength and her metal frame it wasn't that hard, okay maybe it was a little hard, to chip away at the stone around the entrance until there was enough room for the crate to slide through. The initial plan had been to bring the crate as far into the cave as possible and dump it in a pool of magma. But there next to the first pool the crate tipped as a dolly went over the edge just enough to throw off the balance. The crate went straight into the first pool of magma next to the door and began to sink while cooking everything. This place was gong to stink for a while. Her smell sense, though off, detected a sharp increase in the stench as the crate burned open. From there it only worsened as the rotted fish began to cook. K138Y took a risk and turned her smell back on just to see what it was like and she quickly came to the conclusion that there probably no worse stench than rotting fish being cooked. Her sense was quickly turned back off and she proceeded to sit and wait for the entire thing to burn and disappear into the magma. Just as she was about to leave however a large burning fist cut through her body as a magma dripping elemental tried to crush her. Either the person who was supposed to clear the place of elementals hadn't done it yet or they had missed one. No matter which K138Y wasn't going to stick around and bolted from the cave, there was nothing she could do to fight. The elemental stuck to his territory and didn't follow past the entrance.

The sprint back, cause why not get some cardio in after all the strength training, was quick and she let the business man know the deed was done. He thanked her a million times and called her his savior, apparently the town was getting pretty upset at him for the stench. To repay for the task, despite repeated refusals, the man gave her a rather wet fish. Though K138Y had no idea what she would do with it. The shop had an electronic ordering system so she tested out returning back to her body that waited in Spira. The man was in awe as she faded but she did leave him with a message. "Be sure to thank Yevon for the help, the Fayth are those who send me after all." it made it sound as if she was some hand of the Fayth spirit thing but it wasn't far off as her actions were in the name of the church. A good deed done in their name could only be a good thing.

Quest Completed!
Rewards: Wet Fish, 300 exp

WCXP: 100
LPWC: 1340
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Something Fishy (Mission)
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